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Graduate Student Symposium 2022

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CMS hosted the 38th annual Graduate Student Symposium where students presented their work via oral and poster presentations.

Written by: Carlyn Scott, Science Communication Assistant at USF CMS

On February 18th, the College of Marine Science hosted the Graduate Student Symposium (GSS), an annual event where students present their research via poster and oral presentations with judges conferring first and second place awards. This year, 23 graduate students participated in GSS covering topics ranging from modeling of Gulf of Mexico species interactions to using cores to evaluate Antarctic ice sheet growth in the middle Miocene.

Alumni speaker Susan Snyder, PhD from NOAA’s Office of Response and Restoration opened the symposium with a talk about her role as a contractor for NOAA and employment opportunities available for CMS students in government agencies.

The symposium was a hybrid event, with in person presentations which were live-streamed for virtual audience members. Judges assessed and awarded students in the categories of oral presentations with results, oral presentations without results, and poster presentations.

Congratulations to the first and second place winners of the 2022 GSS!

  • Oral presentations with results: 1st place - Alex Ilich, 2nd place- Caitlyn Parente
  • Oral presentations without results: Emily Kaiser
  • Poster presentations: 1st place - Hannah Hunt, 2nd place - Kylee Rullo

Here are some images from the event.

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