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USF College of Marine Science in the News

USF College of Marine Science in the News

December 18, 2023 
USF scientists lead a grant to better forecast sargassum blooms for coastal communities

December 7, 2023 
USF marine research center gets $30M allocation from Gov. Ron DeSantis' proposed budget

December 7, 2023 
Marine education center seeks funding to sustain operations

December 5, 2023 
How Rare Are Shark Attacks? Very.

December 1, 2023 
New Scientific Study Reveals the Crucial Role of Herbivorous Fishes and Sea Urchins in Restoring Caribbean Coral Reefs

November 30, 2023 
Wildlife impacts of Gulf oil spill from Louisiana pipeline under investigation

November 24, 2023 
What does an El Niño winter mean for Florida red tide?

November 20, 2023 
How technology like artificial intelligence could help save our oceans

November 15, 2023 
New study reveals the crucial role of herbivorous fishes and sea urchins in restoring Caribbean coral reefs

November 3, 2023 
University of South Florida developing sargassum forecasting system

October 30, 2023 
Florida Institute of Oceanography’s Keys Marine Laboratory, hosted by USF, to return rescued corals back to the sea

October 26, 2023 
USF marine science program receives $3.2M grant to develop algae growth forecasting technology

October 26, 2023 
New grant will help USF pinpoint seaweed masses

October 25, 2023 
Florida researchers developing system to forecast where smelly sargassum seaweed is headed

October 25, 2023 
USF marine scientists win grant to study sargassum blooms

October 25, 2023 
USF receives grant to help forecast sargassum

October 24, 2023 
USF College of Marine Science to lead a team with $3.2 million NOAA grant to develop sargassum forecasting system

October 24, 2023 
Sargassum Forecasting - Brian Barnes - USF

October 23, 2023 
Florida scientists are mapping red tide fish kills to help regulate fishing afterward

October 19, 2023 
Here’s why some Tampa Bay restaurants aren’t throwing away oyster shells

October 17, 2023 
Hurricane Idalia provided cooldown for Florida coral reefs while bleaching continues across Caribbean

October 12, 2023 
How improving red tide forecasts can also increase diversity

October 10, 2023 
St. Petersburg marine biologist brought people together for ocean preservation

October 2, 2023 
Seaweed is mucking up beaches. This robot could stop it — and fight climate change

September 18, 2023 
FL - For manatees on Florida's west coast, red tide is a complicated, deadly nemesis

September 12, 2023 
Red tide sets manatee deaths along Florida's west coast apart, experts say

September 8, 2023 
‘No obvious culprit’: Questions remain after Port Manatee oil spill

September 6, 2023 
A short interview with Oscar Haza - Mega Tv

September 1, 2023 
Hurricane Idalia likely mitigated red tide for the Tampa Bay area, for now

August 31, 2023 
Hurricane experts share tips on post-Idalia recovery

August 31, 2023 
Warming climate is heating up waters and creating more intense hurricanes

August 30, 2023 
As Idalia hit Florida, all of NOAA’s hurricane-hunting planes were grounded

August 30, 2023 
What’s in Floodwaters?

August 30, 2023 
Hurricane Idalia's landfall in Florida during full Moon will increase storm surge threat

August 29, 2023 
‘Wildly hot’ Gulf of Mexico waters could fuel rapid intensification of Hurricane Idalia

August 29, 2023 
Florida’s Gulf Coast is vulnerable to storm surge. Idalia is pushing up to 15 feet of it

August 29, 2023 
Florida braces for ‘extreme life-threatening’ storm surge

August 27, 2023 
Hurricane watch issued for Tampa Bay ahead of Tropical Storm Idalia

August 25, 2023 
Tropical depression expected in Gulf of Mexico by early next week

August 23, 2023 
New High Frequency Radar Improves Ocean Surface Current Measurements in the Florida Keys

August 23, 2023 
Research vessel docked at St. Pete campus gives students mentorship opportunities

August 22, 2023 
Marine Chemistry Major Embarks on Research Cruise

August 11, 2023 
The ocean is shattering heat records. Here’s what that means for fisheries

August 11, 2023 
Seeking higher ground: Florida’s resiliency community on front lines of climate change

July 28, 2023 
Second Walter C. Jaap scholarship awarded at USF

July 26, 2023 
101°F in the Ocean Off Florida: Was It a World Record?

July 18, 2023 
The Great Seaweed Invasion

July 12, 2023 
USF adds new vessel to Florida's Institute of Oceanography’s fleet

July 11, 2023 
Heavy rainfall, symptom of climate change in Florida

July 9, 2023 
USF's marine science summer camp empowers young women

July 5, 2023 
The huge blob of seaweed headed for Florida has shrunk by 75%

July 4, 2023 
Scientists noticed ‘dramatic decrease' in sargassum in South Florida beaches. USF professor explains why

July 1, 2023 
Mya Breitbart talks with BBC about the urchin die-off in the Red Sea

June 28, 2023 
Seaweed on Florida beaches continues to decline this season, expert says

June 26, 2023 
Acronym soup: It’s an amazing time at USF St. Petersburg

June 22, 2023 
A short interview with Oscar Haza on Spanish-speaking TV (Mega Tv) on the tragedy of the Titan submersible

June 16, 2023 
Experts raise alarm over ‘flesh-eating’ bacteria found on seaweed: ‘Only the tip of the iceberg’

June 16, 2023 
Governor approves $24 million for USFSP science facility

June 13, 2023 
Piney Point pollution spread farther than first thought, new study shows

June 9, 2023 
Free Tampa Bay summer camp empowers young women to explore STEM

June 6, 2023 
Study showing 15% reduction in sargassum seaweed brings hope to Central Florida beaches

May 31, 2023 
Out of the Blue | Florida Trend

May 26, 2023 
Sea urchins in the Caribbean are dying. A student helped identify why

May 23, 2023 
Red tide? Seaweed blob? Nope, scientists are watching a different algae off Tampa Bay

May 21, 2023 
Scientists to begin studying Crystal River’s bull shark population

May 19, 2023 
Scientists work on new ways to map Earth's final frontier: the ocean floor

May 18, 2023 
Tampa Bay Area scientists identify the 2022 killer of long-spined sea urchins along Florida's east coast

May 12, 2023 
2023 SECORRA Annual Meeting

May 10, 2023 
USF scientist discovers culprit behind massive sea urchin die-off

May 5, 2023 
Giant blobs of seaweed are hitting Florida. That's when the real problem begins.

May 3, 2023 
Red tide is still hanging around Sarasota County beaches

May 1, 2023 
A record-breaking blob of smelly seaweed is arriving in Key West – and tourists aren’t happy about it

April 28, 2023 
USF marine scientists are among a group of researchers acting quickly to find a sea urchin killer

April 25, 2023 
South St. Pete youth become ‘Guardians of the Gulf’ with USF

April 24, 2023 
The Sea-Urchin Murderer Has Finally Been Apprehended

April 24, 2023 
Scientists discover why sea urchins are dying off from US to the Caribbean

April 21, 2023 
Climate change could make freak events like Fort Lauderdale’s rain bomb more common

April 21, 2023 
The Case Of The Mystery Sea Urchin Killer Has Finally Been Solved

April 20, 2023 
Urchins are dying off across the Caribbean. Scientists now know why

April 20, 2023 
Mysterious case of Caribbean sea urchin die-off has been solved by scientists

April 19, 2023 
Those Seaweed Blobs Headed for Florida? See How Big They Are.

April 19, 2023 
Massive Caribbean sea urchin die-off caused by a protozoan parasite: Study

April 19, 2023 
Grund für Seeigel-Massensterben gefunden

April 19, 2023 
Mystery solved: USF scientists ID Caribbean sea urchin killer

April 19, 2023 
Sea Urchin Murder Mystery Solved

April 19, 2023 
A USF professor discovered what was killing sea urchins in Florida, Caribbean. Here’s how.

April 19, 2023 
Mystery solved: Scientists ID Caribbean sea urchin killer

April 9, 2023 
Drain the Oceans: $20 Million Time Bomb

April 5, 2023 
‘Scary’ new data on the last ice age raises concerns about future sea levels

April 4, 2023 
The Stinky Seaweed Blob Approaching Florida Is Absolutely Humongous

March 31, 2023 
Here’s some good red tide news if you’re going to the beach this weekend

March 28, 2023 
Everything You Need To Know About the Giant Blobs of Algae Headed for the East Coast

March 27, 2023 
Tracking brown macroalgae in the Atlantic Ocean

March 24, 2023 
Mapping the Seafloor to Predict Coastal Flooding

March 23, 2023 
The Weather Channel LIVE - Spring Break Edition

March 23, 2023 
Tampa Bay researchers are tracking the big seaweed bloom near Florida

March 22, 2023 
A 5,000-mile seaweed belt is headed toward Florida

March 22, 2023 
5,000-mile-long seaweed belt heading toward Miami

March 21, 2023 
Massive seaweed bloom starts washing ashore on Florida beaches

March 21, 2023 
The complex causes of red tide make toxic blooms a challenge to predict, Tampa-area scientists say

March 20, 2023 
Sargassum, a smelly seaweed, may be coming soon to a Gulf beach near you. Here's what to know

March 20, 2023 
Here’s what to know about red tide in Pinellas County this week

March 19, 2023 
Massive seaweed bloom starts washing ashore on Florida beaches

March 18, 2023 
What is sargassum? The giant blob of seaweed hitting Florida

March 18, 2023 
Expert says seaweed bloom will continue to grow

March 18, 2023 
Scientists aboard NOAA research vessel collect samples from Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt during unprecedented bloom

March 18, 2023 
Massive seaweed bloom starts washing ashore on Florida beaches

March 17, 2023 
A Sargassum Bloom Is Heading Toward Florida: What to Know About the Seaweed Mass

March 17, 2023 
Uso de fertilizantes na Amazônia pode ter ligação com aumento de algas em praias do Caribe

March 17, 2023 
Here’s the Real Story behind the Massive ‘Blob’ of Seaweed Heading toward Florida

March 16, 2023 
Images from space show a 5,000-mile bloom of seaweed threatening the beaches of Florida

March 16, 2023 
Stinky seaweed bloom wider than US heads for Florida

March 16, 2023 
Florida beaches brace for 5,000-mile blob of seaweed to deposit rotting goop

March 16, 2023 
Images from space show a 5,000-mile bloom of seaweed threatening the beaches of Florida

March 16, 2023 
Giant Seaweed Blob Takes Aim At Florida, Mexico Beaches

March 16, 2023 
A giant, rotting mass of seaweed threatens beach season in the U.S.

March 15, 2023 
What Is Sargassum? Massive Blob Of Smelly Seaweed Headed To Florida

March 15, 2023 
Giant, stinky brown mass threatens Florida: Decaying seaweed will foul beaches with toxic fumes this summer

March 15, 2023 
Seaweed bloom: What is Sargassum and why are people worried about it?

March 15, 2023 
Une invasion inédite de sargasses, algues pestilentielles et toxiques, inquiète l'autre côté de l'Atlantique

March 15, 2023 
Meet the sargassum belt, a 5,000-mile-long snake of seaweed circling Florida

March 15, 2023 
Why huge masses of seaweed are floating to Florida and the Gulf

March 15, 2023 
Will massive seaweed bloom impact Tampa Bay?

March 15, 2023 
Massive sargassum seaweed bloom headed to Florida is a mystery to scientists

March 15, 2023 
Big, stinky blob of algae takes aim at Florida beaches. What's causing it? Is it climate change?

March 15, 2023 
Should Tampa dye the Hillsborough River green for St. Patrick’s Day? A petition says no

March 14, 2023 
A giant floating blob of seaweed is heading toward the coast of Florida. What is sargassum?

March 14, 2023 
Big, stinky blob of algae takes aim at Florida beaches. What's causing it? Is it climate change?

March 14, 2023 
Massive seaweed bloom headed to Florida is a mystery to scientists

March 14, 2023 
Massive seaweed blob heads to Florida, threatens to cover beaches

March 13, 2023 
Sargassum Seaweed Mat Stretching 5,000 Miles Long Heads Toward Florida

March 13, 2023 
Giant Seaweed Blob Heading Towards Florida

March 13, 2023 
Giant seaweed blob twice the width of the US takes aim at Florida

March 13, 2023 
Monitoring red tide in the bay area

March 12, 2023 
Huge seaweed bloom that can be seen from space threatening beaches in Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean

March 11, 2023 
A giant seaweed bloom that can be seen from space threatens beaches in Florida and Mexico

March 10, 2023 
Red tide surge expected to stick around for a while, scientists say

March 10, 2023 
Here’s the aerial view as red tide blooms off Pinellas County right now

March 9, 2023 
Fish kills, breathing problems and burning eyes: How red tide is impacting Pinellas beaches

March 7, 2023 
The creeping threat of the Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt

March 7, 2023 
Fishkills Reported Along Pinellas Beaches Due To Spread Of Red Tide

March 6, 2023 
Here's how Tampa Bay-area scientists can forecast red tide

March 6, 2023 
An Inundation of Sargassum Seaweed is Moving Westward: USVI in the Path

March 5, 2023 
Nations agree on ‘world-changing’ deal to protect ocean life

March 1, 2023 
Was Florida red tide made worse by Hurricane Ian? Here’s what we know

February 28, 2023 
Red tide is back (again) in Pinellas County

February 27, 2023 
St. Petersburg’s Christina Welsh runs away with Gasparilla weekend

February 26, 2023 
Putting the Red in “Red Tide”

February 25, 2023 
Scientists are keeping a close watch on a giant blob of smelly seaweed

February 20, 2023 
Florida beaches could see record-breaking seaweed bloom

February 20, 2023 
Huge seaweed blob on way to Florida is 'like a Stephen King movie'

February 15, 2023 
Scientists Get a Close-Up Look Beneath a Troubling Ice Shelf in Antarctica

February 15, 2023 
Robot reveals clues behind what's eating away at Antarctica's "doomsday glacier"

February 7, 2023 
Scientists work on new ways to map the ocean floor — Earth's final frontier

February 3, 2023 
Heading to the beach this weekend? Red tide blooms are declining in the Tampa Bay area

January 28, 2023 
Mysteries Remain About Puzzling Bahamas Whiting Events

January 25, 2023 
Patches Of Bahama's Sea Keep Turning White And Scientists Are Mystified

January 22, 2023 
What Are Whiting Events? Researchers Shed Light On Mysterious Water Phenomenon

January 13, 2023 
Here’s the latest red tide forecast as bloom persists around Anna Maria Island, Tampa Bay

January 12, 2023 
Innovation District ‘dives deeper’

January 12, 2023 
What’s the best course for Port St. Pete?

January 6, 2023 
Red tide bloom worsens at Anna Maria Island beaches with ‘intense’ irritation, dead fish

January 3, 2023 
Is red tide still an issue in the Tampa Bay area? Here’s what to know this week

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