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USF College of Marine Science in the News

March 18, 2023 
Expert says seaweed bloom will continue to grow

March 17, 2023 
Here’s the Real Story behind the Massive ‘Blob’ of Seaweed Heading toward Florida

March 16, 2023 
Images from space show a 5,000-mile bloom of seaweed threatening the beaches of Florida

March 15, 2023 
Massive sargassum seaweed bloom headed to Florida is a mystery to scientists

March 15, 2023 
Big, stinky blob of algae takes aim at Florida beaches. What's causing it? Is it climate change?

March 15, 2023 
Should Tampa dye the Hillsborough River green for St. Patrick’s Day? A petition says no

March 13, 2023 
Monitoring red tide in the bay area

March 11, 2023 
A giant seaweed bloom that can be seen from space threatens beaches in Florida and Mexico

March 10, 2023 
Red tide surge expected to stick around for a while, scientists say

March 10, 2023 
Here’s the aerial view as red tide blooms off Pinellas County right now

March 9, 2023 
Fish kills, breathing problems and burning eyes: How red tide is impacting Pinellas beaches

March 7, 2023 
The creeping threat of the Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt

March 7, 2023 
Fishkills Reported Along Pinellas Beaches Due To Spread Of Red Tide

March 6, 2023 
Here's how Tampa Bay-area scientists can forecast red tide

March 6, 2023 
An Inundation of Sargassum Seaweed is Moving Westward: USVI in the Path

March 5, 2023 
Nations agree on ‘world-changing’ deal to protect ocean life

March 1, 2023 
Was Florida red tide made worse by Hurricane Ian? Here’s what we know

February 28, 2023 
Red tide is back (again) in Pinellas County

February 27, 2023 
St. Petersburg’s Christina Welsh runs away with Gasparilla weekend

February 25, 2023 
Scientists are keeping a close watch on a giant blob of smelly seaweed

February 20, 2023 
Florida beaches could see record-breaking seaweed bloom

February 20, 2023 
Huge seaweed blob on way to Florida is 'like a Stephen King movie'

February 15, 2023 
Scientists Get a Close-Up Look Beneath a Troubling Ice Shelf in Antarctica

February 15, 2023 
Robot reveals clues behind what's eating away at Antarctica's "doomsday glacier"

February 7, 2023 
Scientists work on new ways to map the ocean floor — Earth's final frontier

February 3, 2023 
Heading to the beach this weekend? Red tide blooms are declining in the Tampa Bay area

January 28, 2023 
Mysteries Remain About Puzzling Bahamas Whiting Events

January 25, 2023 
Patches Of Bahama's Sea Keep Turning White And Scientists Are Mystified

January 22, 2023 
What Are Whiting Events? Researchers Shed Light On Mysterious Water Phenomenon

January 13, 2023 
Here’s the latest red tide forecast as bloom persists around Anna Maria Island, Tampa Bay

January 12, 2023 
Innovation District ‘dives deeper’

January 12, 2023 
What’s the best course for Port St. Pete?

January 6, 2023 
Red tide bloom worsens at Anna Maria Island beaches with ‘intense’ irritation, dead fish

January 3, 2023 
Is red tide still an issue in the Tampa Bay area? Here’s what to know this week

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