CMS Ocean Technology Group


USF Glider prepared for deployment in the northern Gulf of Mexico for researching water column properties near the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in May 2010. (Vessel R/V Weatherbird II, Photo Credit: Andrew Warren)

The College of Marine Science Ocean Technology Group – COT

Established in 1995, the CMS Ocean Technology Group (COT) provides development engineering expertise and at-sea support to the College of Marine Science at the University of South Florida. COT is dedicated to advancing technology in oceanographic research through active collaboration with the faculty and researchers of the College of Marine Science. COT has been instrumental in the development of leading-edge biological, chemical, and physical oceanographic sensors and systems.

The technical staff of COT is composed of electrical, mechanical and software engineers employed by the College of Marine Science. The technical staff possesses significant expertise in underwater pressure vessel fabrication, custom software applications, marine acoustics, radio frequency (RF) systems, networking, and real-time control systems.

COT is always looking for new partners to join us in working to build new engineering solutions to the manifold challenges of the ocean environment. Whether you’re a potential industrial partner, an academic collaborator, an educator, or just an interested member of the public, we’re keen for you to understand what we do and what we offer.


  • Mechanical and electrical design, fabrication, and operation
  • Development of full systems and peripherals
  • Utilization of microcontrollers, embedded systems, and general-purpose computing
  • Off the shelf equipment evaluation, diagnosis, and repair
  • Underwater cable fabrication and molding
  • Pressure and vacuum testing
  • At-sea technical assistance

Some Current Projects