Sarah Grasty-Prueitt

Sarah Grasty

Senior Biological Scientist
MS in Marine Science, Marine Resource Assessment Concentration; USF CMS; 2014
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Research: Fisheries Surveys, Seafloor Mapping, Habitat Assessment

Specialties: Education & Outreach, Gulf of Mexico Offshore Reef Fish Fisheries, Visual Fisheries Assessments

Ms. Grasty has 10 years of outreach and informal education experience and has held both project management and scientific research roles within the Continental Shelf Characterization, Assessment and Mapping Project (C-SCAMP) since 2015. While overseeing C-SCAMP’s $4.8 million budget, Ms. Grasty also helped lead and coordinate the project’s scientific goals. This resulted in a myriad of data products and deliverables that are now being used by natural resource managers throughout the state of Florida, namely for offshore habitat restoration and fisheries management goals. She also executed the full development and sustainment of C-SCAMP’s public outreach efforts which included building and maintaining the project website, developing an interactive GIS portal, creating ArcGIS StoryMaps, & managing the project’s YouTube and Twitter accounts. She is now managing the Education and Outreach efforts for the Center for Ocean Mapping and Innovative Technologies (COMIT).