Rosenheim Group

Former Personnel

Jianwu Tang, Ph.D., Laboratory Manager

Jianwu came to our group in September of 2010 to manage the laboratory. He has done postdoctoral investigations in Austria (Graz University) and at Tulane University, and is interested in multiply substituted isotopologues of carbon dioxide and applications of ramped pyrolysis radiocarbon dating. He moved to UCLA in 2013.

Matt Pendergraft, M.S., 2013

Matt came from San Diego via Argentina with an interest in studying the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. He contributed significantly to the group’s effort to understand oil pollution in the Gulf of Mexico using ramped pyrolysis isotope analysis. He is now on to study for his Ph.D.

Kimberly Roe, M.S., 2011

Kimberly Roe

Kim studied carbon cycling in the Mississippi River using the novel ramped pyrolysis radiocarbon technique. Her Master degree research showed that discharge affects the age spectra of Particulate Organic Carbon, with higher discharge transporting older carbon. This finding is significant for source-to-sink studies. She is currently pursuing a medical degree in Washington, D.C.

Gabriella March, B.S., Honors, 2010

Gabriella March

Gabriella worked on producing stable isotope records and mineralogic data from Stylaster miniata, a deep water coral inhabiting areas of the Florida Straits. Her meticulous work made a significant contribution to an AGU presentation, showing that Stylasterids record oxygen isotope trends in equilibrium with water and with no effect of changing mineralogy. Gabriella graduated with honors in 2010.

Jennifer Douglass, B.S., Honors, 2010

Jennifer Douglass

Jenny worked on sediment chronology and isotope forensics of sedimentation on the island of Lana’i, Hawaiian Islands, during the 2009 academic year. She found that sedimentation on the island can be attributed to a sugar cane plantation formed in 1899, using sedimentation rates from Cs-137 and carbon isotopes. Jenny graduated with honors in 2010.

Tonika Farmer, Undergraduate Laboratory Volunteer, Xavier University

Tonika Farmer

Tonika volunteered with our group in 2008 during a busy 2 semesters to learn more about environmental sample analysis. Interested in the environment, but not appreciative of bugs, Tonika found a happy spot in the lab analyzing samples.