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Research at the USF Tampa Campus

USF Research Park

The Tampa campus is the largest of the three campuses, with a broad array of interdisciplinary research collaborations with access to extensive community partnerships, all working together to create geographically distributed centers of research excellence.

USF Research & Innovation promotes and supports the research and scholarly activities of faculty, staff and students, and strives to make USF a leading national research university. The Office of the Vice President leads and facilitates institutional research initiatives and supports research programs and infrastructure development.

USF Research Park

The USF Research Park, located on the Tampa campus, provides an important, centrally located community environment for a growing number of startups, early stage companies, researchers and community partners. The USF Research Park provides proximity, specialized facilities, and a lively, engaged entrepreneurial community for companies and organizations interested in partnering with USF.

In accordance with the mission of bringing together private entrepreneurs and university researchers to foster collaboration and innovation, nearly 1,500 people work or learn in the USF Research Park. The Research Park received recognition as the Emerging Research Park of the Year in 2008, Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council Award of Distinction, IT Florida’s Excellence in New Business Recruitment Award and the Florida Economic Development Council's Deal of the Year Award. With more than 112 acres on the north and south sides of Fowler Avenue, USF Research Park is a proud part of the University of South Florida community.

USF Research Foundation, Inc.

The USF Research Foundation promotes, encourages and enhances the research activities of university faculty, staff and students. Through its cutting-edge programs, the USF Research Foundation brings together the strengths of USF and the region to provide a critical interface that stimulates high-tech and biotech industries and creates jobs. The USF Research Foundation, a not-for-profit, direct-support organization (DSO), owns and operates the USF Research Park. The Research Foundation also administers USF CONNECT, the Tampa Bay Technology Incubator (TBTI), and the Florida High Tech Corridor Council Matching Grant Research Program on behalf of the university.


USF CONNECT supports local start-ups and entrepreneurs with meaningful programming and a place to CONNECT. Its incubation programs provide state-of-the-art labs and equipment, office space, shared services and a network of mentors and experts aimed at growing local companies and fostering connections between USF and the business community. USF CONNECT also administers funding programs, including the Florida High Tech Corridor Council Matching Grants Research Program.

Tampa Bay Technology Incubator

The Tampa Bay Technology Incubator (TBTI) supports technology research as a catalyst for economic development and advocates the creation and development of facilities for high-technology companies and related support functions. One way TBTI is able to assist is by providing access to critical costly research equipment. Many companies originate in the community and seek our support to evolve their concepts to commercialization.

Institute for Advanced Discovery & Innovation

The Institute for Advanced Discovery & Innovation (IADI) has offices located in the USF Research Park. The IADI brings together internationally recognized senior leaders—academics, industry heads, and innovators from diverse fields—to advise the administrative leadership of the university, share insights with USF's high-achieving faculty, mentor the university's most promising students, and make lasting contributions to both the Tampa Bay Area and the state of Florida.

National Academy of Inventors

The National Academy of Inventors (NAI) is located in the USF Research Park. The NAI honors academic invention; recognizes and encourages inventors; enhances the visibility of university and non-profit research institute technology and innovation; encourages the disclosure of intellectual property; educates and mentors innovative students; and translates the inventions of its members to benefit society.

Florida Inventors Hall of Fame

The Florida Inventors Hall of Fame honors and celebrates those inventors whose achievements have advanced the quality of life for Floridians, our state and our nation. The Florida Inventors Hall of Fame is located in the USF Research Park and features an indoor exhibit of inventor artifacts and an outside area with inductee plaques hanging along the Walk of Fame.

At USF, research is a creative and ongoing collaboration between faculty and students, administrators, business and academic partners and our local community. Together we are an ever-stronger national research university that explores uncharted terrain, generates knowledge, unleashes innovation and changes lives.

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