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Drop-in Workshop Information

The services outlined on this page are specific to the Tampa campus. Please visit the websites for USF St. Petersburg Wellness Center and USF Sarasota-Manatee Counseling & Wellness Center for campus-specific services.

Note: The USF Counseling Center acknowledges that social and political events are impacting the lives of USF students. 
What’s Next: Moving Forward Post Election

Want to talk about what comes next? Click here to learn more about connecting with your fellow Bulls to engage in support, community, and constructive dialogue. Bulls from across the political spectrum are welcome. These 1-hour long spaces will be hosted by counseling center clinicians, with no formal agenda, so come to use the space as it would feel helpful to you. You may come and go at any time, but please turn your cameras on. You will need to be signed in as a USF student in Teams, and no anonymous participants will be admitted. Please note: These spaces are open to USF students only.

The USF Counseling Center is facilitating two types of virtual, psycho-educational, drop-in sessions focused on helping students to thrive: Skill-Based Workshops and Chat & ConnectThese 60-minute sessions are described below and are offered daily, Monday through Friday, until the last day of the Fall semester on December 10th, 2020. You're welcome to join us as many times as you'd like!

Online drop-in sessions are psycho-educational and supportive in nature, but do not provide mental health treatment. If you would like to speak with a counselor, call us (813) 974-2831. If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please contact 9-1-1, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8225, or an emergency mental health service in your local community.

You will not need to pre-register or RSVP for the drop-in sessions, but you will be required to use your USF email account to join the MS Teams meeting. As a result, your name will be visible to other participants. Participants may be removed from the workshop for engaging in verbal abuse/harassment, or exhibiting offensive or inappropriate content, at the facilitators’ discretion. Note that the workshop will not be conducted after 20 minutes if no students are in attendance that day.

Please click on the link in each of the descriptions at the appointed time and you will be able to join the workshop. Return as many times as you like.

Skill-Based Workshops

 Online Drop-in Workshops are flexible and accessible ways to learn coping skills and share experiences with peers, without the need for semester-long commitment. Click on each session title for the flyer, and the bit.ly link to join at the listed day and time. You can also click HERE.


Move Foward Series

Do you have difficulty managing the stress, anxiety, depression, or interpersonal relationships in your life? This dynamic rotating 3-week seminar is a crash course in teaching reliance skills to make the most out of your time at USF and in counseling. These skills will help you be more present with your experiences, learn how to let go of unnecessary thoughts and feelings, clarify your values, and take action to move towards a valued and better life.

Join all three sessions to build upon the skills learned or drop-in as needed!

Tuesday 11am-12pm

  • Session 1 – Mindfulness: Aug. 25th; Sep. 15th; Oct. 6th; Oct. 27th; Nov. 17th; Dec. 8th
  • Session 2 – Openness: Sep. 1st; Sep. 22nd; Oct. 13th; Nov. 3rd; Nov. 24th; N/A
  • Session 3 – Values & Engagement: Sep. 8th; Sep. 29th; Oct. 20th; Nov. 10th; Dec. 1st; N/A
  • Join us at: bit.ly/MOVETue11am

Thursday 3-4pm

  • Session 1 – Mindfulness: Aug. 27th; Sep. 17th; Oct. 8th; Oct. 29th; Nov. 19th
  • Session 2 – Openness: Sep. 3rd; Sep 24th; Oct. 15th; Nov. 5th; Dec. 3rd
  • Session 3 – Values & Engagement: Sep. 10th; Oct. 1st; Oct. 22nd; Nov. 12th; Dec. 10th
  • Join us at: bit.ly/MOVEThu3pm

Mindfulness Meditation

Election season can be stressful with outcomes that are not fully within our control. Attending to your breath and surroundings without judgment can be beneficial. This workshop that focuses on practicing multiple skills to reduce anxiety and focus on staying grounded. This series will allow participants to practice the following skills: Mindful Breathing, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Body Scans, and 5-Senses grounding techniques.

Magic of the Middle Path

Election season can bring up waves of overwhelming emotions. Come join this workshop to learn skills to manage emotions and effectively use distractions to cope through difficult times.

Relaxed Body, Calm Mind

Election season can be stressful with uncertainties lying ahead. Connecting with our breath and body can be a great way to regulate our stress levels. Join us from the comfort of your own space for a holistic Hatha Yoga-based workshop to improve mood and regulate stress. Using a combination of gentle physical poses, breathing and relaxation techniques, you can get more connected and balanced within the body and mind. Open to all students, no yoga experience necessary.

The Struggle is Real: Coping Beyond Addiction

This workshop offers support to those who cope with stress by drinking, using substances, shopping, seeking intimate hookups, or playing video games to an extent that causes disruption in daily life. The workshop will provide strategies to manage addictive behavior and learn healthy coping alternatives.

Chat & Connect

Come join us to Chat & Connect about specific topics, experiences, and identities. These spaces are designed to offer support and resources that are specific to your lived experiences, without the need for semester-long commitment. Click on each session title for the flyer, and the bit.ly link to join at the listed day and time.

Total Nourishment

This space focuses on improving one’s relationship with food and body through coping tools and support. The support space will provide information on how stress can impact these relationships and strategies for changing behaviors. Members will also help each other improve through offering support, providing feedback and understanding, increasing self-confidence, and addressing negative self-talk. Topics include but are not limited to weight and shape concerns, situational triggers, interpersonal relationships, and unique individual factors.

Our Voices

COVID19, racism (white supremacy), killings of unarmed Black people, institutional oppression, school, family, and other stressors impact BIPOC students in unique ways, which may be exacerbated by the upcoming election season. This support space aims to offer a sense of community, support, validation, empowerment, and resources for BIPOC experiencing challenges in their academic, professional, and personal endeavors. Topics discussed in the space include, but are not limited to: issues related to race/culture/ethnicity, identity development, family, social relationships, power, oppression (e.g., racism, sexism, heterosexism, and other –isms), mental health (e.g., anxiety, depression, adjustment challenges, trauma etc.), and related resources. You’re invited to join this community-based support space exclusive for USF’s BIPOC students.


Election season during quarantine can increase distress related to interpersonal trauma. This support space designed as a healing, empowering, and safe place for students who have experienced interpersonal trauma as an adult or as a child (e.g., emotional, physical or sexual abuse; unwanted sexual experiences or sexual assault; abusive relationships; bullying, etc.). Students will find support as they practice increasing self-compassion, setting boundaries, and understanding how their experiences have impacted their relationships, emotions, thinking, and everyday functioning.

Building Strength in Remembrance

Are you grieving the death of a loved one or anticipate the loss of someone terminally ill? Have you experienced loss in other ways such as loss of relationship, divorce, loss to addiction, etc.? Election season during a pandemic can further amplify feelings of loss or anticipated loss. The Counseling Center would like to offer a space for support. This support space will assist students in coping with the bereavement experience, creating comfortable ways to discuss their feelings and making new ways to honor their relationships.