Graduate Student Clinicians Program


Activities that graduate student clinicians may be able to have at the Counseling Center include individual counseling, initial appointment evaluations, group services, case management, outreach activities, and consultation services. All activities are based on the graduate student clinician skill, experience, interest and center availability.

  • Individual Counseling - This is typically the largest proportion of activities for which most graduate student clinicians' contract. New clients are assigned in consultation with the primary supervisor regarding suitability for the graduate student clinicians' current level of skill and experience.
  • Initial Appointment Evaluations – Graduate student clinicians may conduct initial appointment evaluations after their primary supervisor make a determination regarding clinical interview skills.
  • Group Services – There are opportunities to serve as the leader or co-leader of skills-based drop-in-groups and workshops (e.g. Mindfulness Meditation), a process observer for therapy groups, or as a co-facilitator for therapy groups (e.g. Understanding Self and Others).
  • Case Management – Under the supervision of the Counseling Center's Referral Coordinator, graduate student clinicians may provide assistance to students in finding resources on or off-campus regarding a variety of needs, including mental health referrals.
  • Outreach Activities– Opportunities include providing presentations to student groups, assisting with national screening days, and other types of outreach.