Graduate Student Clinicians Program

Program Overview

The Counseling Center's training program for Graduate Student Clinicians (GSC) offers qualified graduate students in mental health disciplines supervised experience in the delivery of collegiate mental health services. Our multidisciplinary program is designed to facilitate the enhancement of clinician competence through provision of clinical experiences and excellent supervision. We offer individualized clinical training options depending on the student's academic program, goals and schedule. We seek to create an atmosphere that is conducive to a counselor's learning and development through an appropriate balance of support and challenge.

An individual contract is negotiated with the coordinator of the GSC training program, with input as needed from the training committee and clinical director of the center. Activities that may be contracted for includes individual counseling, initial appointment evaluations, group services, case management, and outreach activities.  Assignment of training activities is based on trainee experience, skill level, interests, and needs of the Counseling Center.