Doctoral Internship

Evaluation of Competencies

Evaluation Philosophy

One of the primary tasks of the training program at Counseling Center is to track the progress of each Intern. The center seeks to facilitate professional and personal growth of each intern, ensure the welfare of clients, and perform the vital gatekeeping role for the psychology profession. Feedback within supervision and seminars is provided on an ongoing basis and is delivered as soon as appropriate in order to give interns time to integrate feedback into their clinical and other professional work. Training staff evaluate the competence of interns in a comprehensive manner, based on program-defined elements (behavioral anchors) for each of the nine profession-wide competencies.


The evaluation process is presented during the orientation period including a detailed review of the intern and supervisor evaluation forms. Formal evaluations are conducted at end of each semester as described below. This is a reciprocal evaluation process, wherein supervisors evaluate interns based on the profession-wide competencies, and interns evaluate supervisors based on supervisor competencies. All written evaluation forms are completed and submitted in written and/or electronic format to the Internship Coordinator.

  • Intern supervisors and seminar leaders meet at least once per month to discuss their supervision of interns including their own work as supervisors and intern progress.
  • Written evaluation of interns: In December, April, and July supervisors and seminar leaders complete competency-based evaluations of interns. Single competency evaluations are sent to the intern's primary supervisor for incorporation into the full evaluation. Following a review of the evaluation form by the primary supervisor, all parties sign the full evaluation form, including the Internship Coordinator.
  • Written evaluation of supervisors: In December, April, and July, Interns complete an evaluation of their supervisors. This form is used accompany the supervisee's verbal feedback to the supervisor and the dyad's discussion of their working relationship. Following the feedback session, both parties sign the form and submit it to the Internship Coordinator.
  • Evaluation of Seminars: At the end of each semester, interns will complete a seminar evaluation form for each seminar that occurred during that time period. This form is used to evaluate the clinical relevance, reading materials and preparedness/quality of the instructor, and to improve/change seminars for the future.
  • Evaluation of the Internship Program: At the end of the training year, each Intern completes a separate detailed Internship Evaluation form. Synopses of numerical and narrative results are shared with the Training Committee after the conclusion of the internship year.