Doctoral Internship

Aims and Competencies


  • The aim of the University of South Florida Counseling Center (USFCC) Doctoral Internship is to provide one year of experiential training in a collegiate mental health center in order to prepare interns to work competently as health service psychologists in a variety of professional settings serving diverse populations.

Profession Wide Competencies

I.  Professional values, attitudes, and behaviors: 
Demonstrate behavior and comportment that reflect the values and attitudes of psychology.

II.  Individual and cultural diversity:  Demonstrate awareness, sensitivity and skills in working professionally with diverse individuals, groups and communities who represent various cultural and personal background and characteristics defined broadly and consistent with APA policy

III.  Ethical and legal standards: Demonstrate application of ethical concepts and awareness of legal issues regarding professional activities with individuals, groups, and organizations.

IV.  Communication and interpersonal skills: Demonstrate effective and meaningful interactions with individuals, groups, and/or communities

V.  Research: 
Demonstrate development of skills and habits in seeking, applying, and evaluating theoretical and research knowledge relevant to the practice of psychology

VI.  Assessment:  Demonstrate skills in the assessment and diagnosis of problems, capabilities and issues associated with individuals, groups, and/or organizations

VII.  Intervention:  Demonstrate skills in use of interventions designed to alleviate suffering and to promote health and well-being of individuals, groups, and/or organizations.

VIII.  Consultation and interprofessional/interdisciplinary skill:  Demonstrate the ability to provide expert guidance or professional assistance in response to a client's needs or goals and to
 interact with professionals in multiple disciplines.

IX.  Supervision:  Demonstrate skill in supervision and training in the professional knowledge base of enhancing and monitoring the professional functioning of others