Doctoral Internship


The internship year is roughly broken into an orientation period and three semesters (fall, spring, and summer).

Fall: The emphasis of the initial semester is on the development of general skills required of health service psychologist in a university counseling center.

Spring: During the second semester, training focuses on strengthening competencies, broadening the intern's base of knowledge and skills, and enhancing the intern's sense of professional identity.

Summer: The third semester offers interns the opportunity to consolidate growth and an opportunity to  complete an external rotation with an affiliated training agency for additional experience in health service psychology (approximately 16 hours per week from mid-May to mid-July).

Minimum requirements of the internship include:

  • 2000 total hours
  • 500 face-to-face hours of psychological services to students/clients/patients/consultees
  • Individual/Couples Counseling (Fall & Spring: 15 hours weekly; Summer: 10 hours weekly)
  • Group Counseling (Fall & Spring – 1.5 hours weekly; Summer, 1 hour weekly)
  • Initial Appointments  (Fall & Spring - 3 hours weekly; Summer, 2 hours weekly)
  • On Call Coverage (Fall & Spring - 2 hours weekly; Summer, 1 hour weekly)
  • Individual Supervision (2 hours weekly)
  • Group Supervision (2 hours weekly)
  • Seminars: (Fall & Spring: 2 hours weekly)
  • Outreach (5 activities/presentations)
  • Consultation (1 project)