Doctoral Internship

Orientation and Guidelines


The internship year begins with three weeks of orientation to prepare the interns to excel throughout the year and to provide psychological services at the start of the fall semester. The orientation includes:

  • Meeting with Counseling Center staff members to: a.) develop collegial relationships, b.) learn staff member's areas of leadership/expertise, and c.) select supervisors based on goals, supervision style, and experience.
  • Visiting selected campus offices to become familiar with their mission and opportunities for consultation and collaboration.
  • Learning about external rotation sites for customizing training experiences in summer semester.
  • Multiple training sessions related to clinical services, diversity, supervision, outreach and consultation services, and office operations.
  • An off-campus retreat for interns to learn more about the cultural history of Tampa Bay and develop strong cohort relationships.
  • Supervised experience with initial appointments and on-call appointments.
  • A self-guided review of the center's procedural guidelines and internship training manual.


The current Internship Manual is available as a PDF for you to download.  The electronic PDF may also be emailed to you upon request by emailing Dr. Hege Riise.