Doctoral Internship

Program Overview

The full-time, 12-month Doctoral Internship in Health Service Psychology provides three doctoral-level students, who have educational backgrounds in clinical or counseling psychology, with the well supervised experience of a mental health professional working in a comprehensive university counseling center.

The internship:

  • Runs from the first weekday in August to the last weekday of July each year.
  • Represents a vital component of the USF Counseling Center's mission.
  • Adheres to a competency-based model of psychological training and service delivery.
  • Emphasizes integration and application of evidence based practice across a broad range of experiential activities.
  • Provides opportunities for interns to participate in a wide variety of culturally-competent psychological activities with diverse populations at USF and affiliated training agencies.
  • Exposes interns to a variety of supervisory styles and theoretical orientations.
  • Prepares interns to practice health service psychology at an independent level.