Doctoral Internship

Seminars and Meetings

Interns are provided seminars designed to enhance their overall professional development and improve their specific competencies in clinical work, supervision, diversity, outreach and consultation. They also participate in center meetings focused on administrative and clinical issues.

Training Seminars:

This seminar is designed to expose interns to the process of administering, scoring, interpreting and communicating the results of commonly used psychological assessments in a collegiate mental health setting. Interns will be required to practice scoring and interpreting an assessment battery and communicating the results of the battery in a report and feedback session. Opportunities for extensive assessment experience are available through external rotation options.

Evidence Based Intervention
This seminar is designed to enhance interns' ability to treat the primary clinical concerns of clients at the Counseling Center. Interns will learn about evidence-based interventions from senior staff psychologists and clinicians.

This seminar is designed to expose interns to literature and experiences that will prepare them to engage in professional consultation in university settings. The didactic portion of the seminars will focus on providing an overview of the consultation literature, as they relate to university settings. The practice portions with assist interns with a consultation project

This seminar is designed to improve interns ability to plan and conduct successful outreach presentations as well as engage in typical outreach activities for a college counseling center. The seminar meets during orientation and during the break weeks in fall. The seminar leader will meet with interns one-on-one during the semester to provide assistance for outreach activities.

Diversity and Inclusion
This seminar is designed to provide interns with an opportunity to enhance multicultural awareness, knowledge, and skills. This framework is built through (1) learning exercises and cultural sharing to enhance self-awareness and explore one's values, attitudes, biases, and worldviews ;(2) discussing cases conceptualizations and clinical work to promote clinical competency within a diverse population;(3) reviewing and discussing best practices in current literature and readings to enhance multicultural knowledge and operationalize skills for working with issues of diversity.

Psychology in Healthcare Settings Seminar
This seminar is designed to introduce interns to the framework and skills needed for evidence-based practice of psychological interventions in healthcare settings. Interns will have an opportunity to utilize these skills during an external rotation in the summer semester.


All Staff Meeting
Monthly all staff meetings provide interns the opportunity to meet with all staff members, led by the leadership team, to discuss administrative, procedural, and center-wide issues.

Clinical Team Meeting
Weekly clinical team meetings provide interns the opportunity to participate in smaller multidisciplinary teams to discuss relevant clinical issues and to present any challenging cases. Clinical teams are generally composed of staff psychologists, staff clinicians, a postdoctoral psychology fellow, a doctoral intern and multidisciplinary graduate student trainees.