Doctoral Internship


High quality, competency-based supervision is an essential part of the internship program. You can expect the following from supervision at this comprehensive counseling center:

  • Primary, external rotation, and group supervision is provided by licensed health service psychologists
  • Additional supervision is provided by multidisciplinary providers that may include: psychologists, social workers, and mental health counselors.
  • A minimum of 2 hours of individual supervision each week
  • Supervision feedback is based on direct observation and digital video recording

Primary supervisor selection process entails:

  • Interns will meet with potential supervisors before the beginning of each semester
  • Interns will submit a list of supervisor preferences along with a rationale to the internship director
  • Internship Coordinator and Training Committee will make matches based on supervisee preferences and supervisors capability to assist supervisees in meeting their goals for internship

Our supervision structure incorporates the opportunity to be supervised by multiple supervisors (breadth) while retaining a core team of supervisors who have primary responsibility (depth and continuity):

  • A primary supervisor provides two hours weekly of supervision each semester. Primary supervisors are selected each semester, giving interns the opportunity to work with multiple staff members
  • Group supervision is led by the Internship Coordinator for 1 hour weekly over the internship year focused on clinical work and professional development
  • Group supervision of supervision is led by a licensed psychologist during the first and second semester
  • A supervisor at the external rotation site provides 1 or more hours of supervision during the third semester
  • Co-facilitation supervisors provide 30 minutes of supervision weekly regarding group therapy in the first and second semesters

Other opportunities for clinical consultation and collaboration:

  • Co-therapy of couples counseling with senior staff
  • Clinical team meetings
  • Supervision of assessment reports by seminar leader
  • Supervision of outreach activities and consultation project by seminar leaders
  • Informal consultations with staff regarding specific cases