Postdoctoral Fellowship

Program Structure

The postdoctoral fellowship is structured into two tracks –  Counseling Center (CC), and Dual Campus (DC). See the Fellowship Overview section for track descriptions. Fellows complete the course of training for the selected track over a one year period.

Fellows begin the year by participating in a 3-week orientation process that ensures that each fellow has the basic foundation of information necessary to function effectively at each practice location when the academic year commences. Orientation activities include, but are not limited to: identifying and establishing rapport with clinical and specialty supervisors, gaining familiarity with policies and procedures at both centers, shadowing primary care providers, receiving training on the electronic health record systems used, and receiving training on the primary care behavioral health model, as indicated.

The remainder of the training year is organized in three rotations, mirroring the Fall, Spring, and Summer academic semesters. Regardless of track the first two rotations are similar in terms of time allocation, as indicated by the below example:

Approximate Weekly Schedule (Rotations 1 and 2):

Counseling Center (CC) Track
Direct Service, CC (individuals, groups, on-call coverage)       22 hours
Administrative/Preparation/Documentation                            10 hours
Receiving Supervision                                                                     4 hours
Clinical/Staff Meetings                                                                    2 hours
Providing Supervision (GSC)                                                          1 hour
Postdoc Seminar                                                                             1 hour
TOTAL:                                                                                            40 Hours

Dual Campus (DC) Track
Direct Service, CC (individuals, groups, on-call coverage)        11 hours
Direct Service, BHC (intakes, follow-ups, consultations)            8 hours
Direct Service, Neuropsychological Assessment                         4 hours
Administrative/Preparation/Documentation                             10 hours                      
Receiving Supervision                                                                      4 hours
Clinical/Staff Meeting                                                                       2 hours
Postdoc Seminar                                                                              1 hour
TOTAL:                                                                                              40 Hours

During the third rotation, fellows decrease on-campus time to 24 hours a week an initiate a 16-hours external placement at one of our community partners. The external placement allows postdoctoral fellows to continue developing skills as a health service psychologist in a different, more specialized, setting. External placements vary year-to-year, but in the past fellows have held external placements at Tampa General Hospital, James Haley VA, and Rogers Behavioral Health Clinic.