Postdoctoral Fellowship

Supervision and Evaluation

Postdoctoral fellows receive up to four hours of formalized supervision weekly throughout the fellowship year. Each postdoctoral fellow receives a minimum of two hours of individual supervision weekly. For CC Track fellows, all two hours are provided by a senior Counseling Center staff member.  Dual Campus Track fellows will have Primary Supervision concerning Counseling Center services as well as Secondary Supervision concerning clinical work  the St. Petersburg campus Wellness Center. Secondary Supervision is provided a St. Petersburg campus Counseling Center staff member.

All fellows will meet with the Postdoctoral Training Coordinator for Postdoc Group Supervision for one hour weekly to identify needs, concerns, or to support related to clinical and professional development issues (e.g., job search, licensure, etc.) that arise in the course of the training year.

Fellows may receive one additional hour of supervision weekly, based on interest or need. Examples may include  supervision for group therapy or supervision for outreach/prevention programming. Additional specialty supervision will be available to fellows at their external placement site during the third rotation.

Throughout the training year fellows will be evaluated through formal and informal means, including: competency evaluation rating forms, client/patient outcome data, record review, self-assessments and training committee updates. Fellows will also have informal and formal opportunities to provide assessments of the program, various training experiences, and their supervision experiences.