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Since 2010, The University of South Florida has had a stand-alone office devoted to serving the needs of veterans, active-duty, reservists, and military connected students and their families. The Office of Veteran Success (OVS) does this by providing a seamless transition for our nation’s warriors from military life, through campus life into a meaningful career by providing high quality services and opportunities for academic success, personal growth, and professional development. Points of contact for OVS are below.

 Dr. Wayne Taylor, Director

Dr. Wayne Taylor, Director

 Renee Amboy-Biller

Dr. Renee Amboy, Associate Director

 Savanna Coss

Savanna Rains-Coss, Academic Coordinator

Josh "JB" Burnes, Career Coordinator

Josh "JB" Burnes, Career Coordinator

Dennis Mont'Ros

Dennis Mont'Ros, Care Coordinator

Melissa Jacks

Melissa Jacks, School Certifying Official

Dr. Katherine Butterfield

Dr. Katherine Butterfield, Admissions and Benefits Coordinator

Elijah Emond

Elijah Emond, Certifying Official

Brad Wojtiuk

Brad Wojtiuk, Certifying Official

Kendrick Williams

Kendrick Williams, Debt Management

Frank Grabarz OVS

Frank Grabarz, Student Success Navigator