Academic Enhancement Program


Going back to school is a challenge for most people.  Couple that with transitioning from regimented, often high-risk military life to the unstructured environment of a college campus and it should not be a surprise that some student veterans struggle academically.  The Academic Enhancement Program is designed to help student veterans succeed in college. The three main goals of this program are:

Students can meet with an academic counselor or academic coach to get numerous individualized strategies for overcoming their obstacles to achieve good grades.  The following list are just some of the skills and strategies that this program will offer:

Students can also view tip sheets, video tutorials & online workshops at a time and place that is convenient for them. Our current workshops can be found on our Canvas Group Page: Veterans Success Beyond Service.  Contact our office if you are not a part of this Group Page.

If a student veteran is facing barriers that aren't related to academics, we can connect our student veterans to resources that are available to help them overcome any obstacle. If we don't know who to contact, we will work with our student veterans until we find the best resource currently available.

For more information or if you are in need of these services, please email Shaina Gonzalez.