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February 26, 1926 - December 7, 2020

Dr. Berkman


Oral history of Harold Berkman, recorded and presented by C-SPAN in 2014.  

Berkman C-SPAN Video



Harold Berkman - WWII

"Dr. Berkman is the epitome of what Tom Brokaw calls 'The Greatest Generation'," says Dr. Larry Braue, director of the USF Office of Veteran Success.  "When I joined the Army, like my father, Dr. Berkman was the kind of man we always looked up to.  And now he's giving back.  He's extending a helping hand into this generation of the armed forces, supporting our 21st Century Veterans who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He's helping them become successful with their education, and making a powerful impact on lives today." 


A True Example of Success Beyond Service [Tribute created by Dave Scheiber]


Sargent with Berkman in 2017

2015 Scholar Recipient, Jeff Sargent, with Dr. Berkman after presenting him with the Order of Saint Maurice in 2017.

Dr. Berkman was a WWII veteran and earned his Combat Infantryman Badge by seeing action from the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes Campaign, the Rhineland Campaign and the Central Europe Campaign.  He received multiple recognitions for his service including a recognition from the President of the Republic of France naming him a Chevalier de la Legion d’honneur (Knight of the Empire).  In all Dr. Berkman is the recipient of 15 decorations for valor and service.  He was also honored with the Order of Saint Maurice inthe rank of legionnaire by the National Infantry Association. The Order of Saint Maurice is awarded to soldiers and civilians who have served the infantry community with distinction,made a significant contribution in support of the infantry, and “represent the highest standards of integrity, moral character, professional competence, and dedication to duty.” 



The Legacy of Service Continues

The Harold and Muriel Berkman Charitable Foundation, Inc. annually awards scholarships to student veterans at an array of universities and colleges across the country.  The University of South Florida is fortunate to have 29 student veterans as "Berkman Scholars" since 2014.  Each of these warriors continues the legacy of Dr. Berkman, having served their country in a time of war, followed by pursuing their education in aspirations of achieving their definition of success beyond service. 


"To the family of Dr. Harold Berkman,

I was greatly saddened to hear of Dr. Berkman’s passing and wanted to extend my sincerest condolences. I never had the fortune to meet Dr. Berkman but in learning about him through the veteran scholarship program he has become of source of inspiration for me. His accomplishments both during military service and after are worthy of great respect, and I hope to continue his charitable nature to the veteran community one day. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers during this time of loss.  

Sincerely,  Josh Burnes, Former SFC, U.S. Army, 2020 Recipient"

 Josh Burnes


Seth Strickland

2020 Seth Strickland

Kyle Koop

2020 Kyle Koop

Michael Chartier

2020 Michael Chartier


"Thank you, Dr. Berkman, for selecting me to be one of your foundation’s scholarship recipients.  My experiences in the military and throughout my recovery have fueled my passion for helping others and serving my community, and your scholarship will go a long way in helping me achieve those goals.  Thank you, Sir, for your service to our country.  I’m honored to have the support of a true hero and a fellow infantryman as I move forward with my education. 

Airborne, All the Way,  Justin Lansford, 2019 Recipient"

Justin Lansford


James Gittens

2019 James Gittens

Juan Martinez

2019 Juan Martinez

Todd Roan

2019 Todd Roan


"Dr. Berkman, My sincerest thanks to you for your support of combat veterans in pursuit of higher education.  It is a difficult task indeed to re-acclimate to civilian life, an even harder one to successfully do so while pursuing a college education.  Any and all assistance provided by your foundation are truly instrumental and invaluable to the success of student veterans now, and the generations that follow.  Thank you again.

Calder Mahan, 2018 Recipient"

Calder Mahan


Chris Turner

2018 Chris Turner

Paul McEuen

2018 Paul McEuen

Eugene Kouchnir

2018 Eugene Kouchnir


"Dr. Berkman, thank you for your service to your country and for your service in the Infantry.  Being present for combat during some of the most hard-fought battles this Nation has ever known is something that everyone, including myself, should recognize and be grateful for.  Having the opportunity to be recognized and awarded a scholarship from you is an honor, and I hope I am able to continue your legacy of service as I move forward in life.

Sincerely, Joshua Pericles, 2017 Recipient"

Josh Pericles


Brian Busch

2017 Brian Busch

Larry Eichels

2017 Larry Eichels

Michael Simmons

2017 Michael Simmons