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CRLA Tutor Training Level 3

The Tutor Training Program offered through the Academic Success Center is certified through the College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) – and is designed to meet the requirements for the International Tutor Training Program (ITTPC) for certified tutors levels 1-3. Each training has specific learning objectives, hour requirements, and assignment guidelines.

Time: 2 hrs in-person, 10 hrs research 

CRLA Level 3 training is intended to give experienced tutors the opportunity to develop introductory management techniques, while also receiving additional training and assuming additional responsibilities regarding the tutoring program. Unlike levels 1-2, this training is self-directed. Tutors will meet one-on-one with the tutor trainer, design a research paper or project, and develop the final product throughout the semester. The final product can take several forms; previous products include presentations at a Level 1 or 2 training, resource materials to be used in a center, and smartphone applications.