Global Citizen Courses

A Global Citizens Project Course is an undergraduate course with a set prefix and number that has been certified as aligning with the goals of the Global Citizens Project, and it is a course that provides students with the opportunity to practice and apply global competencies within the context of a course. The three primary global competencies are: Global Awareness, Global Responsibility, and Global Participation.

Faculty members who provide courses that entail global knowledge are able to certify their courses as a GCP courses, and receive the GCPC attribute in banner. Faculty members who certify their courses and gain the GCPC attribute for their courses can contact our office and request an external letter to support their tenure and promotion application.

The list of certified courses is available on the USF Course Inventory webpage. 

Faculty members can self-enroll in the Global Citizens Course Certification Canvas module that is designed to assist them as they develop their GCPC certification materials.