Research Readiness Course

Getting involved in Undergraduate Research at USF may seem overwhelming at first. We've developed the Research Readiness Course to walk you step by step through the process. This self-paced Undergraduate Research Course has been set up for you as a launching pad into your research journey here at USF! Modules and assignments have been designed to guide your path as you seek to learn about:

  • the purpose for undergraduate research
  • how to develop your research "story"
  • the many ways to get involved with undergraduate research at USF
  • beginning the research process through writing an annotated bibliography
  • ways to engage with faculty through and informational interview

Undergraduate research is a high-impact practice that when you participate in it can help distinguish you from your peers when you pursue application for graduate schools, medical schools, and job opportunities. Completing these online modules is a first step toward shaping your future and ensuring lifelong success!

Begin Research Journey