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Student Spotlight

OUR students are passionate about undergraduate research. Here is one of our student's highlighted.

Kyrsteen Webster, Environmental Science and Policy major 

Research Project

Framework for Urban Agriculture

Kyrsteen Webster, Ryan Martin, and Aleczander Lane wrote this paper in their sustainability and development class at the University of South Florida.

How has engaging in this undergraduate research experience has impacted your academic career?

Researching for my project really allowed me to see the importance of the assignments and the material I've learned in class. By expanding on the assignment to a research perspective I was able to find answers to not just my teacher's questions but my own questions on issues that are important to me.

How can you apply what you learned during the research experience to other areas of your life?

Research allows you to be engaged in learning, by asking questions that make a difference. If you don't know what questions to ask you will be left with someone else's opinions or facts that sometimes need to be challenged. Research helps you build a case that might show a more honest answer or solution to something groundbreaking and meaningful.

Can you describe the connections between doing research and future career goals?

I am an environmental science and policy major, so writing an article about environmental policy was a way to participate hands on and gain experience. I have interned with the City of Tampa but my key role there was to listen and learn, research allowed me to have a more active role in the process. I gained even more appreciation for my major and the environmental field that actually encourages me to go above and beyond every day as a student.