About Us

Vision & Mission


We foster a culture of collaborative discovery, developing a thriving community of scholars who embrace creative inquiry and innovation to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


The Office of Undergraduate Research transforms students into scholars who make an original contribution to their own discipline, or across disciplines. We seek to empower students to become citizen-scholars for their lifelong success.

OUR Goals

  1. Increase engagement with faculty and the research community
    1. Increase faculty participation in IDS4914 and UGR attribute by 5% a year
    2. Develop and maintain partnerships with stakeholders external to USF at the annual conference

  2. Maximize discovery experiences and students’ scope of knowledge
    1. Within two years, 100 students per year are pursuing the UGR Scholar Award
    2. Within three years, 200 students per year are completing the UGR Scholar Award

  3. Promote culture of undergraduate research and excellence
    1. Each year, there is rising membership in URS.
    2. Each year, there is rising participation in inter-and multi-disciplinary undergraduate research
    3. Provide professional development opportunities for students across multiple modalities to meet their needs.

  4. Develop students’ critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills
    1. Increase student attendance in OUR workshops by 5% per year
    2. Raise completion rates of IDS2912 to above 50%