Fundamentals of Academic Research

Getting involved in Undergraduate Research at USF may seem overwhelming at first. We've developed the Fundamentals of Academic Research course to walk you step by step through the process. This Undergraduate Research Course has been set up for you as a launching pad into your research journey here at USF! 

Fundamentals of Academic Research is a FREE course that unites students across majors who are interested in improving their understanding of what research is, and finding out how to obtain a faculty mentor for their research pursuits. It is not an official course (and won't show up on your transcript), but we've kept the workload down to a mere one hour per week of student effort.

This course is offered each semester in a virtual and hybrid face-to-face format that brings students together in multidisciplinary cohorts, across campuses.

The Summer 2021 iteration of the FAR course will be conducted entirely online and run from May 17 to August 6. If you are interested in taking the Summer iteration of the FAR course please fill out this form to be notified of the registration process.