In The News


January 2020

Assistant Professor Dr. Christa Remington, along with Drs. Alexander Kroll and N. Emel Ganapati, and Doctoral Candidate Pallavi Awasthi, from the Florida International University, collaborated on an article published in Governance -- Mitigating the negative effects of emotional labor: A study of disaster response and recovery workers after the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Assistant Professor Dr. Peng Chen, along with Drs. Qian Liu and Chuan Ding from Shenzhen University and Beihang University, respectively, collaborated on an article published in Travel Behaviour and Society -- A panel analysis of the effect of the urban environment on the spatiotemporal pattern of taxi demand.


December 2019

Assistant Professor Dr. Shinwoo Lee, along with Dr. Taha Hameduddin from the National University of Singapore, collaborated on an article published in the Public Management Review -- Employee engagement among public employees: Examining the role of organizational images.

November 2019

Assistant Professor Dr. Peng Chen, along with Drs. Songhua Hu, Feifei Xin, and Chi Xie from the University of Maryland and Tongji University, respectively, collaborated on an article published in Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment -- Exploring the effect of battery capacity on electric vehicle sharing programs using a simulation approach.

July 2019

Associate Professor Dr. Elizabeth Strom published an article in the European Planning Studies -- Revisiting the arts as a socially innovative urban development strategy.

Assistant Professor Dr. Evangeline Linkous published an article in Urban Affairs Review -- A political ecology of exurbia in the Sunbelt: Lessons from an award-winning, "unworkable" plan.

June 2019

Assistant Professor Dr. Shinwoo Lee, along with Drs. Gyeo Reh Lee, Deanna Malatesta, and Sergio Fernandez from Indiana University, collaborated on an article published in the American Review of Public Administration -- Outsourcing and organizational performance: The employee perspective.

February 2019

Assistant Professors Drs. Evangeline Linkous and Stephen Neely, along with Dr. Lucie Laurian from the University of Iowa, collaborated on an article published in the Journal of Environmental Planning and Management -- Why do counties adopt transfer of development rights programs?

January 2019

MPA Program Director and Associate Professor Dr. Stephen Aikins published an article in the International Journal of Public Administration in the Digital Age -- Determinants of digital divide in Africa and policy implications.


September 2018

Assistant Professor Dr. Evangeline Linkous, along with Dr. Thomas Skuzinski from Virginia Tech University, collaborated on an article published in Land Use Policy -- Land use decision-making in the wake of state property rights legislation: Examining the institutional response to Florida’s Harris Act.

February 2018

Assistant Professor Dr. Stephen Neely, along with Dr. Matthew Collins from Florida State College at Jacksonville, collaborated on an article published in the Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management -- Social media and crisis communications: A survey of local governments in Florida.