New Students

Incoming First Year Students


Newly admitted first-year students are required to take and successfully complete the university’s Math Placement Test (MPT) first two subjects, basic algebra and college algebra. Students who completed pre-calculus or calculus in high school will also take the MPT for pre-calculus/trigonometry. A score of 12 out of 15 on the MPT subject exams is passing. Students who successfully pass all three MPT subjects are encouraged to start in Calculus I fall term for degree progression. More information about the MPT can be found in CANVAS.  Exemptions for the MPT requirements are granted for students who have met one of the following: 670 or higher SAT Math, 29 or higher ACT Math, 90 or higher CPT College Level Math, completed Pre-Calculus Algebra and Trig (minimum grade of C, not C-, or exam credit), or completed Calculus I (minimum grade of C, not C-, or exam credit).  Visit the undergraduate catalog for Pre-Calculus and Calculus equivalent exam credit.

All summer admits are required to enroll in a 3-credit math preparatory course during the Summer B session and earn a minimum grade of “S” satisfactory.  Students who are unable to successfully complete the course may be redirected to another major as stated in the University’s Degree Progression Policy 10-505.

First year summer admits and conditional admits will participate in at least one College of Engineering academic support program geared toward successful degree progression their first fall/spring semester.   Examples of an academic support program include course-based learning communities, weekly academic guidance sessions, and/or weekly tutoring.


First time in college students and lower-level transfer students (12-29 credits), who meet the criteria below, are granted entry into the specific College of Engineering program.

Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering:

  1. Admitted to the University of South Florida as a degree seeking student;
  2. Meets at least one of the below requirements:
    • SATM - a minimum quantitative score of 610 or
    • ACTM - a minimum score of 26 or
    • Have a minimum High School GPA of 3.6 on the USF adjusted scale.

Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Cybersecurity, or Information Technology:

  1. Admitted to the University of South Florida as a degree seeking student;
  2. Have a minimum High School GPA of 4.0 on the USF adjusted scale and (SATM with a minimum quantitative score of 570 or ACTM with a minimum score of 24).

Biomedical Engineering is a specialized admissions program.  Students interested in this program need to refer to the Biomedical Engineering program section in the catalog.

Once admitted, students may need to meet additional program specific requirements for progression to the upper division.  Please refer to the program section in the undergraduate catalog for details.

For the specific state mandated common prerequisite courses for each program within the College of Engineering, please see the section entitled, “State Mandated Common Prerequisites” located under the program section of the undergraduate catalog.


  1. Register for University Orientation
  2. Review program admission and curriculum requirements, see flowcharts and curriculum guides for undergraduate majors
  3. Follow-up to be sure all final transcripts (high school, AP, IB, college dual enrollment, etc.) have been submitted to USF
  4. Check Orientation's To-Do List
  5. Know USF's College Math and Chemistry Placement Guidelines
  6. Review Credit-by-Exam Equivalents
  7. Learn about available programs and resources listed below


As new first-year students in the College of Engineering, we offer several programs and resources to provide students with opportunities to start on a path to academic success. Visit these sites to learn more.

The Engineering Living & Learning Community
Engineering Learning Teams
Foundations of Engineering, a mandatory orientation course
Academic Advising and more