About Us

GCP Steering Committee

The Global Citizens Project Steering Committee was formed from the QEP Steering Committee after the successful reaffirmation of accreditation from SACSCOC. The GCP Steering Committee took on its new name after the August 2015 committee meeting. 

Members include:

  1. Pamela Anderson, International Studies Academic Advisor
  2. Kyna Betancourt, Chair, General Education Council
  3. Kiki Caruson, Assistant Vice President for Research, Innovation, and Global Affairs, USF World
  4. Lynn Chisholm, Director of Internships and Career Readiness, Career Services
  5. Damien Contessa, Instructor, Department of Sociology
  6. Nancy Cunningham, Director of Academic Services, USF Library
  7. Sarina Ergas, Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  8. Jasmine Green, 2016-2017 GCP Student Leader and GCPSA Co-President
  9. Aladdin Hiba, Senator, College of the Arts and Sciences
  10. Elizabeth Jordan, Senior Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Programs, Academic Programs, College of Nursing
  11. Jennifer Lister, Director, Global Citizens Project (Chair)
  12. Amanda Maurer, Director, Education Abroad, USF World
  13. Danielle McDonald, Assistant Vice President and Dean for Students, Student Affairs
  14. Jackie Nelson, Senior Director of Undergraduate Affairs, Muma College of Business
  15. Lisa Piazza, Assistant Director, Office for Undergraduate Research
  16. Laura Rusnak, Instructor, College of Public Health
  17. Mike Severy, Director, Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement
  18. Amani Taha, Student Government Senate President
  19. Jack Wilkins, Professor, School of Music (on sabbatical for fall)
  20. Michael Wrona, Assistant Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness and Planning
  21. Kevin Yee, Assistant Dean, Student and Faculty Development

We would also like to recognize those who are past members of the GCP Steering Committee and contributed to the creation and development of the Global Citizens Project:

- Christine Andrews, Clinical Professor, Accountancy, Muma College of Business
- Diane Austin, Assistant Director and Senior Instructor, School of Information, College of Arts & Sciences
- Mya Breitbart, Associate Professor, Biological Oceanography, College of Marine Science
- Roger Brindley, Associate Vice President for Global Academic Programs, USF World; College of Education
- Karla Davis-Salazar (Past Chair), Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies; Associate Professor, Anthropology, College of Arts & Sciences
- Don Dellow, Associate Professor, Adult, Career and Higher Education, College of Education
- Tim Dixon, Professor, Geology, College of Arts & Sciences
- Rangachar Kasturi, Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, College of Engineering
- John Lennon, Assistant Professor, English, College of Arts & Sciences
- Phil Levy, Associate Professor, History, College of Arts & Sciences
- Michael Malanga, Student Body Vice President, Student Government
- Autumn Mueller, Director of Advising, College of Arts & Sciences
- Kay Perrin, Associate Professor, Community and Family Health; Director of Undergraduate Studies, College of Public Health
- Steve RiCharde, Associate Vice President, Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Academic Program Planning & Review; SACSCOC Liaison
- Scott Rimbey, Instructor, Mathematics and Statistics
- Rene Sanchez, Assistant Director, Education Abroad
- Stephan Schindler, Department Chair, World Languages, College of Arts & Sciences
- Andrew Smith, Assistant Librarian, Academic Services, USF Tampa Library
- Bob Sullins, Dean, Undergraduate Studies; College of Education
- Brianne Stanback, Chair, Undergraduate Council
- Greg Teague, Associate Professor, Mental Health Law and Policy, College of Behavioral & Community Sciences
- Kristen Truong, Senate President, Student Government Senate
- Connie Visovsky, Associate Dean, Student Affairs & Community Engagement, College of Nursing
- Jack Wilkins, Professor, College of the Arts