Being a Global Citizen


Welcome to the GCP Assessment Page. Thank you for taking part in our assessment efforts. Here you will find links to the various assessments we use to help determine the best courses, co-curricular activities, and community engagement opportunities to help students succeed in a global society.

The GCP model of Global Citizenship is comprised of a set of skills and attitudes that aid one in navigating a global society.
global competence
The GCP assessments were developed in order for us to determine if the GCP programming is having an impact on these attitudes and skills.

 The Global Competency Test (GCT)


The GCT are a series of 3 tests, each taking about 35 minutes to complete and all measuring Knowledge, Analysis, and Synthesis. Students will be rewarded with a Global Citizens Project T-shirt once they have completed one form of the GCT. Additional shirts are not available for students who choose to complete more than 1 version.                                                          tshirt
                                                                       (Design on GCP T-Shirt)

The Policy and Impact Global Competency Test: Food Systems and the Environment
The Information Age Global Competency Test: Information Access and Information Literacy
The Values and Policy Global Competency Test: Paid Maternity Leave and Vacations