Faculty and Staff

Certify Your Course

Our aim at USF is to provide global education to our students that equip them with the knowledge, values, and skills they need to flourish in any environment. Offering GCP courses is essential to raise our students' cultural awareness and promote their global competence. 

In addition to promoting global education, gaining the GCP course attribute has proven to help with students' class enrollment. Across ONEUSF students who are pursuing the Global Citizen Award typically take at least two GCP courses to achieve the award. 

We will be providing a GCP Course Certification Program via Canvas in Spring 2022. The program will provide faculty with resources to develop global content for their courses and get the certification materials ready. This is a great opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration as faculty from across campuses will be able to join the program. 

If you are interested in collaborating with your Graduate Assistant (Researcher, etc.) we are now offering a new opportunity: Global Graduate Fellowship. Through this new opportunity, they could assist you by participating in the remote GCP Undergraduate Course Certification Program. We are hoping this will be a great professional development experience for them as we work together to globally enhance your undergraduate course. The expectation would be that the Graduate Assistant (Researcher etc.) would go through the online certification program and then globally enhance the course, under the professor's supervision.



Courses That Can Be Certified

All  undergraduate courses with an official course prefix and number (i.e., not special topics courses) can be certified as Global Citizens courses.  Certified courses receive the Global Citizens course attribute (GCPC) in Banner and can count toward requirements for the Global Citizen Award.

Please contact our Professional Development Specialist to develop your certification materials, or if you have any inquiry regarding GCP course certification. 

To submit a GCP certification proposal for an existing or new course, please use the University's Course Proposal System. The Undergraduate Council (UGC) or General Education Council (GEC) will conduct the final review for all GCP certification proposals.