Faculty and Staff


Global General Education 

The Global General Education page provides information regarding the global requirements of general education recertification.

Global Pathways
The Global Pathways page offers information for departments seeking to certify their major as a Global Pathway.

Global Citizen Award
The Global Citizen Award page outlines award opportunities for undergraduates, highlighting areas of relevance for faculty and staff. Student-facing information can be found in the For Students section.

Global Workshops
The Global Workshops page provides opportunities for professional development, including workshops and individual consultations with GCP Professional Development Specialists.

Certify Your Course
The Certify Your Course page explains the criteria and processes for faculty seeking to certify non-General Education courses as meeting the learning outcomes of the Global Citizens Project.

Global Curriculum

The Global Curriculum page provides best practices for globalizing a course and example global assignments by discipline.

Global Faculty Fellows

The Global Faculty Fellows page lists information about faculty members that have been funded to participate in a faculty learning community dedicated to the global enhancement of undergraduate courses.

Schedule a GCP Info Session

The Schedule a GCP Info Session page provides information about how you can help students learn about the Global Citizen Award.

Academic Advisors
The Academic Advisors page provides resources specifically for Academic Advisors such as how to identify in Degree Works if your student is pursuing the Global Citizen Award and questions you can ask about their progress.