Graduate Curriculum Process

Curriculog Information

Curriculog is the curriculum submission system. It is used to submit curriculum and course proposals for approval and subsequent addition or revision in the Graduate Catalog.

Browser: To optimize the Curriculog experience, it is best to use Firefox as your browser. If you have any issues with your browser, please contact Joseph Butts for assistance.

Login to Curriculog: and then click login in the upper right corner.

View Proposals: To view all proposals, click on the All Proposals tab at the top.  Then use the advanced filter to sort the proposals to locate the one you want.  If it is one of your proposals, click on the My Proposals tab.  To view proposals requiring your attention, click on the My Tasks tab.

Submitting a Proposal. Important! - Once you have completed your form in Curriculog, you must save/validate and then launch your proposal to save it in the System. This does NOT submit it. To move it forward for processing, you must "Approve" the proposal on the Decision tab. More instruction is listed on the form itself.  Also Note!  If you start a proposal but do not launch it before the deadline, you will have to resubmit a new form in the cycle for the next year.

Faculty Originator Designee. Faculty may designate a staff person to submit the curriculog proposal on their behalf.  However, documentation of this authorization from the faculty member, including what action is being submitted, must be submitted to the files tab in the proposal.  Notifications will be automatically sent to the staff person submitting the proposal.  So, OGS will email the faculty member directly if there are any concerns or revisions needed.

Need Assistance?
Curriculog and graduate curriculum questions? Contact Carol Hines-Cobb.
Graduate course processing questions? Contact Carol Hines-Cobb or Joseph Butts.

 Key Dates:

Processing Dates (for updating the 2024-2025 Graduate Catalog):

  • View Graduate Council Curriculum Committee meeting dates/deadlines
  • August 7, 2023 - Curriculog opens for Graduate proposal submissions
    • October 9-16:  Five Year Course Discontinue Report generated, and sent to Colleges
    • November 9th: Five Year Course Discontinue Report due back to UGS/OGS
  • December 4th @ 5 pm - Deadline Day!
    • Deadline to initiate* the Course Discontinue Forms resulting from the Five-Year Course Discontinue report into Curriculog
    • Deadline to initiate* any new, changed, or discontinued curriculum and course proposals
    • Curriculog closes @ 5 pm for any new submissions.  Proposals in process will continue with processing

*Note - "initiate" means the form is started, "saved," "launched," and "approved" by the faculty proposer to move the proposal forward

**Note - courses on the 5-year discontinue report that do not have a curriculog proposal in the system by the deadline date will be moved forward for discontinuation by UGS/OGS per the College response on the report.

  • January 26, 2024 @ 5 pm - Deadline for College approval step in Curriculog for all proposals
  • March 8, 2024 @ 5 pm – Deadline for course changes to be approved by the Graduate Council and SCNS, with the RO notified in order to make course effective for Fall 2024.
  • March 11-24, 2024Registrar will update Banner and schedulers will update schedule for fall registration, which opens March 25, 2024.
  • April 2, 2024 - last GC Curriculum meeting to have all proposals approved for the 2024-2025 Graduate Catalog (undergrad's last meeting is April 22)
  • June 14, 2024 - Target "go live" preliminary publication date for 2024-2025 Graduate Catalog

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The following forms are used in the Curriculog System:

Curriculog Forms - log into Curriculog to complete the form. Click preview to view the form.

  • Curriculum Forms - preview is not yet updated:

Supplemental Forms  

College Information and Forms 

Some Colleges require either a signed approval form or email confirming Department approval before College approval can be finalized. Check with your College for confirmation. Forms, or links to College processes, are below for your convenience:

  • College of Engineering
    • For new course proposals and program proposals (change or new), requires the Departmental Faculty Meeting Minutes to be uploaded into the Curriculog Proposal. The Minutes must include a concise statement on what the proposal is and confirmation of approval. This is not required for course changes, which are minor.
  • College of Graduate Studies -
    • N/A
  • College of Marine Science -
    • College administered program, so no dept. approval documentation needed
  • College of Nursing -
  • College of The Arts -
  • Patel College of Global Sustainability -
    • College administered program, so no dept. approval documentation needed
  • Taneja College of Pharmacy -
    • Requires the College Curriculum Committee Meeting Minutes be uploaded into the Curriculog Proposal.  The Minutes will have a clear statement as to what the proposal is and confirmation of approval.

Update Your Notification Settings 

Curriculog sends out notifications for when a proposal has an action taken on it.  Notifications are sent to the faculty originator, and in most cases the approvers at each workflow step.  If faculty designated a staff member to submit the proposal, then it will be the staff member who receives these notifications.  To update the format and frequency of the notifications, do the following:

  • Log in to Curriculog

  • Click on your name in the top right corner

  • Select My Settings

  • Click on your name

  • View settings on the right side column

  • Scroll down toward the bottom where it says “Email Options”

  • Select your preferred option: 

    • Weekly Digest

    • M W F Digest

    • T Th Digest

    • Daily Digest

    • All emails

This will ensure you receive notifications on the timeline you prefer as the proposal moves forward. Note – for all emails, you truly receive all emails – so anytime any action is done, you’d get an email.

Curriculog Terminology

  • Approval Workflow Process
    Each proposal has a unique workflow based on the provided answers to certain form fields (typically the College/School/Department). When every step in the approval workflow process has been approved, then the proposal is considered completed and will be updated in the next Graduate Catalog. The final step confirms catalog update completed.

  • Approving
    Advances the proposal to the next step in the approval workflow process. Indicated with a “thumbs-up” or “thumbs-down” icon.

  • Completed Proposal
    When every step in the approval workflow of a proposal has been approved. The proposal is considered completed and approved.

  • Impact Report for Courses
    When making a revision to an existing course, an impact report is needed to see all courses and/or programs impacted by this course’s change. This will aid in determining which departments, if any, need to be consulted. The report should be copied and pasted into the appropriate proposal form field. To generate this report, go to the Graduate Catalog and type in the prefix and number in the search box. Or, alternatively type in the title or keywords from the title. It is case specific. Once the search is completed, print to pdf and upload to the proposal in Curriculog.

  • Concurrency Agreement Form
    This form is completed and loaded to the proposal when the impact report indicates there are other courses and/or programs impacted by the course’s change(s). All impacted parties must sign the Concurrency Agreement Form.

  • Importing Courses
    For courses Curriculog is linked to the USF online Graduate Catalog. You will need to import the current course information into the Course Change form. Revisions are then made to the current information and tracked in the approval workflow process.

  • Instructions
    Each proposal form begins with the 'Instructions' section. The information contained in this section is tailored to the specific proposal form and can be helpful in completing the proposal.

  • Launching
    Once the proposal form is complete and required files are uploaded, the proposal can be launched or submitted. Launching begins the approval workflow process, and makes the proposal visible within the Curriculog system. Launching is only the first step of a two-step process to advance a proposal.

    • Step 1: Complete the proposal form and launch.

    • Step 2: Originator approves the proposal in the approval workflow process.

  • Originator
    The Originator is the person who starts a proposal. The Originator is also the first step in the proposal's approval workflow process. The Originator must complete the two-step process to advance the proposal.

  • Validate
    Validation occurs when the “Validate and Launch” option is selected. Validation reviews the form to ensure all required fields (marked with an *) are completed.