Graduate Curriculum Process

Course Processing

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Note!  If the course action impacts a major or certificate, submitting an updated catalog copy is required. Examples of impact: a change in credit hours might affect the minimum hours required or other requirements changed (i.e., adding, changing, and/or terminating a course may impact the curriculum).

Routing for New, Changed, and Discontinued Courses

  • Proposer/Originator
  • Grad Studies Proposal Review
  • Library Resources Review
  • College Review
  • Grad Council Agenda
  • Grad Council Approves
  • SCNS submission
  • SCNS approved
  • Registrar's Office

Final Steps:

The USF SCNS Graduate Liaison notifies the Office of the Registrar regarding the approval via Curriculog. The Office of the Registrar will then update Banner accordingly and marked the course as approved in Curriculog for that step. Faculty may then proceed with scheduling the course. Until the course has been fully entered or changed in Banner, faculty should schedule the course using a selected/special topics number.

Legacy Course Submissions

To find a proposal submitted prior to the implementation of Curriculog, check the following:

If you cannot locate the proposal, contact or for assistance.