Graduate Curriculum Process

Course Processing

For any of the following requests, log in to Curriculog. For assistance, please contact Carol Hines-Cobb or Joseph Butts. 

For all actions, faculty must be the originator of the request due to faculty governance.

Also review information on the overall Curriculog process and key deadlines.

Approval Process

1. Complete the online proposal in Curriculog

Here are some resources that may be helpful when completing a course proposal:

Impact to Curriculum: If the course action impacts the major, submitting an updated catalog copy is required. Examples of impact: a change in credit hours might affect the minimum hours required or other requirements changed (i.e., adding, changing, and/or terminating a course may impact the curriculum).

2. Syllabus Requirement

All courses must have a syllabus that complies with the USF Syllabus Guidelines.

3. Graduate Catalog Copy

Email Carol Hines-Cobb to request a copy of the USF Graduate Catalog page(s) in Word for major(s)/concentration(s)/certificate(s) affected by the course. Use "Track Changes" to note the revisions resulting from the course proposal. If the course is a general elective that is not required for the curriculum, revised catalog copy is not required. The revised catalog copy will need to be submitted with a Graduate Major Form in Curriculog. See more information on updating Majors.

Note: Catalog Copy and a Graduate Major Form are not required if only the course title, description, course objectives, etc. are changing. The affected major is noted in the course form. Catalog Copy and a Graduate Major Form ARE required for changes to courses that include a credit hour change, as well as for new and terminated courses that impact the curriculum, AND for courses that are currently listed as Selected Topic but will now have their own number (we need confirmation to make sure we are replacing the correct course).

4. Routing

Follow the college procedures for submission to faculty councils/committees, etc. for review and approval. Once the course is launched and approved in Curriculog, it will follow the standard routing steps.

5. Graduate Course Status Updates

After the course is launched and approved in Curriculog, you may view the processing status of the course in Curriculog.

6. Graduate Council Review 

Once the course has been approved by the college and reviewed by the Office of Graduate Studies, it will be sent to the Graduate Council Curriculum Committee for review and processing. If there are any issues with the course proposal (e.g. updates needed to course objectives, learning outcomes, etc.), the faculty proposer will be contacted regarding the issues so that they may be corrected. Once the Council Reviewer has approved the course, it will be placed on the Graduate Council Curriculum Committee Report for the following month. Faculty contacts may check on the course status in Curriculog and are copied on the approval email that is sent out following final Graduate Council approval.

7. Submission to SCNS

The course is then submitted to the Statewide Course Numbering System (SCNS). Once SCNS has reviewed and approved the course, the USF SCNS Graduate Liaison is notified of the approval, and any course number changes, etc.

8. Submission to Registrar's Office

The USF SCNS Graduate Liaison notifies the Office of the Registrar regarding the approval via Curriculog. The Office of the Registrar will then update Banner accordingly and marked the course as approved in Curriculog for that step. Faculty may then proceed with scheduling the course. Until the course has been fully entered or changed in Banner, faculty should schedule the course using a selected/special topics number.

9. Legacy Course Submissions

To find a proposal submitted prior to the implementation of Curriculog, check the following: