Graduate Curriculum Process

Discontinued Course Process

2023-2024 Five Year Discontinue Course Report Process

Per USF3.017 (, the Offices of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies will prepare the annual 5-Year Discontinued Course Report for your review. Courses designated to be discontinued will also need a Curriculog proposal to remove from all the systems.  These academic actions will appear on the council meetings agenda (date tbd) for inclusion in the 2024/2025 USF Catalogs.  Should the survey not be returned by the deadline, all courses will be discontinued by UGS/OGS.

College Contact Information for 5-Year Discontinued Course Process:

  • Arts and Sciences - returned 11/13/23 by Allison Cleveland Roberts:
    • Email to Allison Cleveland-Roberts; Autumn Mueller; Kelly Pearson, Paul Kirchman, Susan Toler; Bob Potter; Lisa Mirabal; Stephanie Hill
    • Survey Contact: Allison Cleveland-Roberts
  • Behavioral and Community Sciences - returned 10/19/23 by Jennifer Lister:
    • Email to Jennifer Lister, Patty Cleveland, Lisa Landis
    • Survey Contact: Jennifer Lister
  • Business:
    • Email to Timothy Health, Jackie Nelson, MIchelle Jenkins, Kaushik Dutta, Eric Douthirt
    • Survey Contact: Jackie Nelson (undergrad courses); Eric Douthirt (Grad Courses)
    • Emailed reminder 11/9/23 and final notice on 11/16/23
  • Education - returned 11/14 by Lora Crider:
    • Email to: Anna Cranston-Gingras; Lora Crider, Jeany McCarthy, Briana Byers
    • Survey Contact: Lora Crider
  • Engineering -returned 10/25/23 from Michelle King:
    • Email to: Sanjukta Bhanja, Rasim Guldiken, Michelle King, Catherine Burton, Veronica Jo
    • Survey Contact: Michelle King
  • Global Sustainability:
    • No Courses identified
  • Graduate Studies:
    • No courses identified
  • Marine Science:
    • No courses identified
  • Medicine:
    • Email to: Javier Cuevas, Douglas Haladay, Bryan Bognar, Michael Barber, Danielle Reidel, Marissa Cook
    • Survey Contact: Javier Cuevas
    • Emailed reminder 11/9/23 and final notice on 11/16/23
  • Nursing:
    • Email to Dena Evans, Zach Ranes, Elizabeth Jordan, Tasha Brown
    • Survey Contact:  Zachary Ranes and Tasha Brown
    • Emailed reminder 11/9/23 and final notice on 11/16/23
  • Pharmacy - returned 10/9/23 by Danielle Gamboni:
    • Email to: Shyam Mohapatra, Danielle Gamboni, Debbie Fratus, Heather Petrelli
    • Survey Contacts: Jamie Martin (for Danielle Gamboni) and Debbie Fratus
  • Public Health - returned 11/1/23 from Rebecca Wood:
    • Email to: Janice Zgibor; David Hogeboom; Rebecca Wood; Alison Oberne, Claudia Cooperman
    • Survey Contacts: Dave Hogeboom and Rebecca Wood
  • The Arts - returned 10/25/23 from Jenny Kokai:
    • Email to: Barton Lee, Barbara Leighy, Angelica Baker, David Williams, Jenny Kokai
    • Survey Contact: Barton Lee
  • Undergraduate Studies:
    • Email to: Kyna Betancourt, Lorene Hall-Jennings, Ali Mrani Alaoui
    • Survey contact: Kyna Betancourt