Example Page: Abstract


An Abstract is a concise summary of the entire research project. Abstracts are generally 150-250 words.

A well-written abstract should contain the following:

  1. A statement of purpose (hypothesis, aim, goal)
  2. Rationale for the study
  3. General methods or approaches
  4. Results or outcomes
  5. Conclusions, significance, and implications of the work to the discipline.

Abstracts typically do not contain references.


General Formatting
  • Line Spacing: Double-spaced
  • Page Number: Lowercase Roman numeral (continued from previous section)
Section Heading Formatting
  • All 1st-order headings must be 2" from the top edge of the page and must be styled consistently.
Content Formatting
  • Do not list the Dissertation/Thesis Title and Author on the Abstract page. Title and Author are not needed in this format. Keywords are also already present on the title page.