List of Tables


Link: List of Tables


The List of Tables is similar to a Table of Contents, in that it identifies all of the tables in the manuscript, along with their respective page numbers. If your thesis/dissertation contains one or more tables, a List of Tables is required. 

Setting Up Tabs
  1. Create the "List of Tables" heading (2" from the top of the page, styled as a 1st level heading).
  2. Set page spacing to single-spaced.
  3. Click on the bottom right of the Paragraph tab to open the Paragraph Settings window.
  4. Click on the Tabs button at the bottom left of the window.
  5. Set the first tab to 0.75" (Align LEFT; Leader NONE).
  6. Set a final indent to 6.5" (Align RIGHT; Leader DOTTED - if you want to have a dotted leader line).
  7. Click Save on the Tabs window and then close the Paragraph settings window.
  8. Click and move the right indent to 6.0" so that any long headers will wrap to the next line.


General Formatting
  • Line Spacing: Single-spaced (with a single-spaced line added before all new table listings)
  • Page Number: Lowercase Roman numeral (continued from Table of Contents)
Section Heading Formatting
  • All 1st-order headings must be 2" from the top edge of the page and must be styled consistently.
Content Formatting
  • All table captions (titles) must match verbatim (word-for-word) to those used in the body of manuscript. (Include only the first sentence of each table caption.)
  • All tables are numbered consecutively using a consistent style.
  • Titles should break 0.5" before the right margin to prevent overcrowding of page numbers.
  • The "Table #" should be against the left margin while the name/title/caption of the table should be indented either 0.75" or 1". All lines of the caption must be indented the same. See the above example for help.
  • All page numbers associated with table titles must correspond to the correct location in the body of the manuscript.
  • All page numbers must be right-aligned with the 1" right margin.
  • Tables from the Appendices section are listed using Arabic numbers that are different from those in the body. (i.e.: Table 1A, Table 2A, or Table A1, Table A2, etc.)