Upcoming Study Abroad Trips

The Judy Genshaft Honors College hosts a number of study abroad trips each year. These experiences allow honors students to travel internationally and participate in academic and service-oriented experiences. 

To accommodate diverse student schedules, these trips are offered in three formats: as part of a semester-long course (with a minimum of two- to three-weeks of international travel included); as week-long spring break trips that are not associated with a class; and as summer programs that incorporate course work.

Additional information about 2021-22 trips will be added as soon as it is available. 

Students in Exeter

Exeter (Spring 2022) | Immerse in a classically British environment for an entire semester at the University of Exeter, located in southwest England! Students can stay on track for graduation by earning both USF and Honors credits in Exeter. Apply now!

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

Germany (Spring 2022)|Students will learn about German history, society, and language in the spring, then explore what they have learned in the classroom through three weeks in Germany visiting sites in Osnabrück, Berlin, and Hamburg. Apply now!


Night skyline of Seoul, South Korea

 South Korea (Spring 2022)| Spend the semester learning about the history, culture, language and technology of South Korea. Then travel to the capital for 21 days to experience it firsthand! Apply now!

Students work on a service project in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Honors Service Trip (Spring 2022)|Learn about the many factors impacting health and wellness for Dominican communities and then spend ten days living and working with people at the forefront of community health. Apply now!




Aerial view of London

London (Summer 2022)|Spend the summer exploring one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities! Join USF students and faculty this summer for a four week experience in the heart of London all while earning USF direct credit. Apply now!

Florence skyline

Florence Physician Observation (Summer 2022)|Travel to the iconic city of Florence and experience its deep history and culture! Students will participate in a physician observation course, learn more about the Italian healthcare system and global health, and take additional classes at Florence University of the Arts. Apply now!

Osnabruck University of Applied Sciences

Germany Innovation in Engineering (Summer 2022)|Study in Germany for the summer! This six-week immersive experience is designed to introduce students to the latest developments in innovation and sustainability in engineering and environmental planning in Germany. Apply now!

Students stand with Dr. Kerolle from the Kerolle Initiative located in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Global Health Internship (Summer 2022) | Travel to Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic and develop an understanding of the Dominican Republic’s medical field, both public and private, and how it compares to that of the United States! Apply now!

Aerial image of the waters in the Bahamas

Bahamas (Summer 2022) | Study local flora and fauna both on land and in sea while lodging at Forfar Field Station, a non-profit dedicated to providing environmental education, scientific research, and cultural awareness through experiential learning. Apply now!