Guardians of the Gulf

Educational Videos

Together with our partners, the Guardians of the Gulf team created two youth-friendly videos to help improve the understanding of green and gray infrastructure in Tampa Bay (and beyond!). Over time we have built up the coastline – changing what Mother Nature designed in green (mangroves, grasses, saltmarshes), to all sorts of things that are gray, like concrete seawalls and gutters and storm drains to move rainwater away from buildings. Green and grey infrastructure are critical pieces of the story of coastal resiliency.

The animation below enhances the introductory content shared in the video.  We suggest watching the video first. Enjoy!

Funding for the video and animation provided by TBEP and private donors.

Click here to see real examples of green and gray infrastructure in Tampa Bay


Coastal resiliency means being able to “bounce back” quickly after disasters like hurricanes, floods, and big storms to avoid more of the negative aftermath that follows these hazards. We need lots of different types of people to do this and our videos highlight some jobs that help make our coastlines and communities more resilient. These videos are appropriate for ages 7-11 (approx. Grades 2-6).

Chris Ahern is a Senior Project Manager at Maximo Marina in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Winnie Mulamba is a Sustainability Planner at the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg, FL campus.

Thanks to our video production partner, Robin Cooper (Future Vision Multisensory Media).