Community Engagement

Helping Scientists

David Naar

The E & O Team collaborate with scientists within the College and the Community to provide grant support for broader impact and outreach components, as well as, existing programs to incorporate current research components

Below is a list of resources for

  • Scientists
  • Plus, our Ocean Literacy Research


If you’re a scientist at USF, we can assist you in the following areas. We’re here to help, and would be delighted to hear from you.

Proposal Preparation

We collaborate with faculty to enhance proposals by providing the “Broader Impact and Education” components of competitive grants. The process generally involves meeting with us to discuss the research focus, timeline, and objectives. We will review the research concepts and provide a summary outline of education and outreach activities that align best with the research focus and timeline of the project. Most often projects align well with our existing program infrastructure, providing a seamless integration to research and educational goals while increasing the competitiveness of proposals.

Professional Development

The E&O staff offers various opportunities to scientists and graduate students who are interested in learning and/or improving their teaching and communication skills. We can help you tell your science story in an effective, accurate and engaging way to multiple audiences. Check out our current graduate course offerings.

Promoting your Work

We can also work with you to develop professional materials that describe and promote the relevance and societal value of your research to the broader community. We will help plan, design, and promote these materials for distribution at schools, professional meetings, exhibits and community events.

Get Involved

The E&O staff invite and encourage all faculty, research scientists, graduate and undergraduate students, and our local community of scientists, to participate in and support our programs. Join us as science mentor for the Oceanography Camp for Girls, as a science judge or moderator for the Spoonbill Ocean Sciences Bowl, or design and lead a lab or demonstration activity for any of our programs.