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Countdown to Camp: Ready to Set Sail!

Ready to launch the kayaks.

Ready to launch the kayaks.

With just 5 days left until the start of camp, everyone involved is very excited for OCG 2017! The staff have all completed their extensive training and the final details are being put into place.

As one of the last training days, the Staff embarked on a kayaking trip to Shell Key. This field trip is one that the campers love every year, as the small, undveleoped key is a treasure trove of different kinds of shells.

The staff reviewed their knowledge of bivalve and gastropod anatomy and took to the field to identify some local specimens.

In other exciting news, the Angari Foundation vessel is on its way to St. Pete. This research vessel will be used for this year’s Research Cruise field trip! The research cruise field trip is always a camp favorite and is an amazing experience for the campers to collect their own data using scientific instruments aboard the ship.

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