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USF College of Marine Science in the News

USF College of Marine Science in the News

June 17, 2024 
Climate change can amplify big rainstorms, but true fixes are far off for South Florida

June 11, 2024 
What would happen if a Category 5 hurricane hit Volusia County?

June 4, 2024 
Tampa Bay has been record-breaking hot this year. What that means for summer.

June 4, 2024 
Rotting sargassum is choking the Caribbean’s white sand beaches, fueling an economic and public health crisis

May 31, 2024 
What Florida beaches are not affected by sargassum? Where to avoid masses of stinky seaweed

May 31, 2024 
Experts stress importance of preparing your home as soon as possible for hurricane season

May 24, 2024 
Making waves: Undergraduate combines computer science skills, love of water for summer internship

May 22, 2024 
What are rogue waves and what causes them?

May 22, 2024 
Climate change is on the minds of Tampa Bay mayors

May 16, 2024 
As floods become more common in Tampa Bay, we’re looking for answers

May 4, 2024 
Florida and Caribbean islands fight back against influx from 5,000-mile seaweed blob

April 29, 2024 
Climate science is sound. Satellite timelapse doesn't disprove sea level rise | Fact check

April 25, 2024 
USF glider program could be affected by proposed budget cuts

April 20, 2024 
Will the annual seaweed invasion threaten Florida beaches in 2024?

April 17, 2024 
How will rising sea levels change California? Look at Florida to find out

April 17, 2024 
A parasitic disease is killing off sea urchins in the Caribbean and the sea of Oman

April 16, 2024 
What’s up with the sargassum seaweed blob? Here’s what to expect in 2024

April 16, 2024 
Life & Work with Tim Conway

April 14, 2024 
Sound at sea, sargassum buries beaches and threatens tourism

April 11, 2024 
Portion of state gambling revenues to go toward flood research in St. Pete

April 11, 2024 
Why is Sargassum seaweed spreading across the Caribbean?

April 8, 2024 
Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse calls for structures to protect against big ships

April 8, 2024 
Gulf Shellfish Institute cleans our Suncoast waters with recycled oysters

April 8, 2024 
Budget cuts could 'cripple' a Gulf early warning system that monitors hurricanes and red tides

April 5, 2024 
A 'pandemic' among sea urchins could be on the rise, Florida researchers find

April 4, 2024 
Could Modern Protections Have Saved Baltimore Bridge? Debate Is Underway.

April 3, 2024 
Increase in Sargassum expected in parts of Caribbean

April 2, 2024 
Parasite may lead to 'pandemic' for sea urchins, according to new USF research

April 1, 2024 
The Caribbean Is Drowning In Seaweed, But Entrepreneurs Are Saving It

March 30, 2024 
Debate over Whether Protections Could Have Saved Baltimore Bridge

March 29, 2024 
Sunshine Skyway set the standard for bridge protections. They weren't present in Baltimore

March 27, 2024 
Debate emerges over whether modern protections could have saved Baltimore bridge 

March 26, 2024 
USF St. Pete’s science facility went unfunded; what’s next?

March 26, 2024 
Deadly sea urchin parasite has emerged on opposite sides of the globe

March 26, 2024 
Lake Okeechobee water is heading to Florida’s coasts. What that means for red tide.

March 12, 2024 
People of PACE: Inia Soto Ramos Studies Data from the Sea and Space

March 12, 2024 
Seagrass meadows under threat from herbivores migrating from warm waters

March 11, 2024 
Seagrasses in the Gulf of Mexico could be overgrazed by migrating herbivores due to warming waters

March 10, 2024 
Red Tides plaguing Florida’s beaches more often

March 7, 2024 
USF-housed Cyber Florida and Florida Flood Hub set to receive millions from state budget

March 7, 2024 
Avoid seaweed blobs, red tides on Florida beaches this spring with our water quality maps

March 4, 2024 
Stink-free beaches: Masses of seaweed likely won’t reach Florida until May, researchers say

February 28, 2024 
Tampa Bay area receives a $250,000 grant from NOAA to combat climate change

February 26, 2024 
Narrow victory for Publix Gasparilla Distance Classic Half Marathon winner

February 24, 2024 
Marine tech accelerator plans receive federal support

February 21, 2024 
They Were About to Move In When the Ocean Almost Washed Away Their New Home

February 21, 2024 
USF to tackle environmental challenges through new initiative with Tampa Bay Wave and the St. Petersburg Innovation District

February 21, 2024 
Tampa Bay Wave secures grant for accelerator with USF and the St. Pete Innovation District

February 20, 2024 
USF's 'Flood Hub' is helping the state look into resiliency needs

February 12, 2024 
Dominica and the whales

February 8, 2024 
Red tide, manatees and hurricanes: NASA PACE spacecraft to collect Florida environmental data

February 8, 2024 
Sargassum seaweed 2024 forecast: When could it wash up on US beaches?

February 6, 2024 
Huge sargassum seaweed mass keeps growing: When will it wash up?

February 5, 2024 
Six Spongy Sea Creatures Suggest Warming Might Be Worse Than Thought

January 30, 2024 
Mysterious noise irking Tampa residents may be fish mating loudly: ‘Pretty uncommon phenomenon’

January 30, 2024 
Researchers install data loggers on billboard boats for ocean floor mapping

January 24, 2024 
USF Professor testifies at Senate committee hearing on climate change impacting ocean industries

January 24, 2024 
A record-size blanket of smelly seaweed could ruin your spring beach trip. What to know.

January 18, 2024 
St. Petersburg runner heading to Olympic Trials

January 18, 2024 
Residents raise money to investigate bass sounds coming from Tampa Bay

January 16, 2024 
Atlantic sargassum mass growing early, setting records, eyeing Florida

January 10, 2024 
Shore Acres residents fed up with flooding take matters into their own hands: ‘We need solutions’

January 9, 2024 
Astonishing Video Gives Rare Glimpse of a Mother Squid's Ultimate Sacrifice

January 8, 2024 
New sargassum blob raises concerns in Florida

January 4, 2024 
Black-eyed squid dragging thousands of eggs like a cape captured in video off Costa Rica

January 3, 2024 
A look at king tide and what it means for Tampa Bay

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