The USF Glider Fleet

USF Glider Fleet

“Gliders give us the eyes and ears we need 24-7 in the ocean, at a fraction of the cost of a research vessel. They can collect valuable data to help understand ocean circulation, red tides, hurricanes, fish populations and habitats –all at the same time.”
– Chad Lembke, Research Faculty and Project Engineer

The USF College of Marine Science operates a fleet of gliders to help scientists:

  • Refine ocean current models to better understand how the ocean moves
  • Understand and predict the formulation and evolution of red tides
  • Perform habitat and marine assessments
  • Perform habitat and marine assessments, including fish-finding and fisheries management
  • Forecast and monitor hurricanes by understanding how much fuel (heat) is in the ocean before a storm passes through an area
  • Monitor water quality, including oil spill response efforts and anoxic zones (which lead to fish dead zones)
This map shows all glider deployments since 2010

This map shows all glider deployments since 2010.