Makenzie Kerr

Makenzie Kerr

Lab Manager & Outreach Coordinator
M.Sc., University of South Florida College of Marine Science, 2019
Office Phone: 727-553-3357
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Research: DNA, Barcoding, Fish Egg, Genetics, Spawning, Gulf of Mexico

Specialties: DNA Barcoding, Genetic Techniques, Science Communication, Outreach

Makenzie Kerr is the Lab Manager & Outreach Coordinator for Dr. Mya Breitbart’ lab at the University of South Florida’s College of Marine Science. She also works as an Intern for the Oceanography Camp for Girls, creating online components for the camp and helping with organization of activities. Makenzie recently finished her master's project on DNA barcoding of fish eggs. This techniques allows for molecular identification of fish eggs down to the species level, without having to identify them morphologically. Her study area is the Gulf of Mexico, looking for novel spawning grounds and doing baseline research. She enjoys spreading her passion for science around the community via the annual St. Petersburg Science Fest, Oceanography Camp for Girls, Skype a Scientist, Girls Inc, and taste of science. While she loves lab and field work, Makenzie is pursuing a career in science outreach and education.