Zooplankton Ecology Lab


The ctenophore, Callianira antarctica, feeding on larval krill in the Southern Ocean.

The ctenophore, Callianira antarctica, feeding on larval krill in the Southern Ocean.

OCE 6934 (3 hrs) Dynamics of Marine Systems
Knowledge of physical-biological processes in the ocean is needed to achieve a fundamental understanding of marine ecosystems function, as well as improving our ability to predict how ecosystems will respond to anthropogenic perturbations and climate variability and management and conservation of marine resources. The objective of this course is to examine a broad range of topics related to understanding how physical processes influence marine ecosystem dynamics. We will explore processes on different time and space scales and investigate how coupled physical and biological processes vary among different regions, such as estuarine, coastal, open ocean, polar, and deep ocean systems.

OCE 6934 (3 hrs) Zooplankton Ecology
Zooplankton are a diverse group of organisms that are among the most abundant animals on Earth. They are important in marine food webs by controlling phytoplankton production and as food for higher trophic level predators, such as fish, seabirds, and whales. They are also important in biogeochemical cycles. This course will cover a range of topics, including zooplankton taxonomy, sampling methods, patterns of distribution, physiology, behavior, predator-prey interactions, the role of zooplankton in biogeochemical cycles, trait-based ecology, and evolutionary adaptation in zooplankton.

OCE 6934 (2 hrs) Foundations in Biological and Fisheries Oceanography
The fields of Biological Oceanography and Fisheries Oceanography share a common background and early history. Significant research contributions and a diversity of approaches have shaped these fields. Many of the foundation concepts also derive from the field of ecology. This course will survey the historical development of critical concepts in these fields and examine recent papers that challenge established concepts or identify promising directions for future research.

OCE 6934 (1 hr ) Topics in Zooplankton Ecology Seminar