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Current Organizations

We welcome the organizations, research centers and institutes, laboratories, and academic departments that are part of the USF Research Park. As a hub for biotechnology, life sciences research, and entrepreneurship, the Research Park brings together world-class researchers, inventors, and entrepreneurs eager to collaborate with a highly-trained, high-tech workforce.

organizations within the USF Research ParK

BioMedTech logo

BioMedTech Laboratories, Inc.

BioMedTech offers a spectrum of high quality assay stabilizers, protein blockers, and custom coated microplates for enzyme immunoassays, ELISA tests, fluorescent and chemoluminescent tests, for HTS - high throughput screening, cell membrane receptor assays, and for diagnostic lateral flow & flow-through assays. Our immunoassay consulting services are tailored to help you with market research and product planning, and to develop antibodies, immunoassays, lateral-flow & membrane tests, and HTS high-throughput screening assays. Our custom services include assay development and production, test validation, quality control and assistance with regulatory approval.

Address: 3802 Spectrum Boulevard, Suite 154, Tampa, FL 33612
Contact at: 813-985-7180

Callan Pharma Services

Callan Pharma Services is a contract research organization that provides injectable, oral, and ophthalmic formulation and drug development services for the pharmaceutical industry.

Address: 3814 Spectrum Blvd., Suite 104, Tampa, FL 33612

Embassy logo

The Embassy Suites Tampa

The Embassy Suites Tampa - USF hotel, the proud home of the USF Bulls, is located on the campus of the University of South Florida and the new USF Research Park. The Embassy Suites hotel is just one mile from the Busch Gardens - Adventure Island Tampa Bay Theme Parks, the Moffitt Cancer Center, the Tampa Shriners Children's Hospital, the University Square Shopping Mall and the Museum of Science and Industry - MOSI.

Address: 3705 Spectrum Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33612
Contact at: 813-977-7066

Florida Health logo

The Florida Department of Health Bureau of Laboratories

The Florida Department of Health Bureau of Laboratories provides diagnostic screening, emergency, monitoring, reference and research public health laboratory services with the mission to protect, promote and improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county and community efforts. The bureau also regulates environmental laboratories to protect public health.

Address: 3602 Spectrum Blvd., Tampa, FL 33612
Contact at: 813-233-2379

Global Center for Hearing and Speech Research

Global Center for Hearing & Speech Research

The Global Center for Hearing & Speech Research specializes in multidisciplinary research and development projects aimed at increasing knowledge and clinical treatments in the areas of hearing loss, deafness and speech problems, with emphasis on age-related hearing loss research and discovery. The Center is a full-service USF research and development facility doing everything from developing specialized strains of animal models – mice, to providing hearing and speech testing services for humans, and investigating new treatments and devices.

Address: 3802 Spectrum Boulevard, Suite 210, Tampa, FL 33612
Contact at: 813-974-6550

Graphic Studio


Graphicstudio is a university-based atelier engaged in a unique experiment in art and education, committed to research and the application of traditional and new techniques for the production of limited edition prints and sculpture multiples. Graphicstudio with the Contemporary Art Museum and the Public Art Program form the Institute for Research in Art in the College of Visual and Performing Arts at the University of South Florida.

Address: 3702 Spectrum Boulevard, Suite 100, Tampa, FL 33612
Contact at: 813-974-3503

Health Informatics Institute

Health Informatics Institute

The mission of the Health Informatics Institute is to establish and maintain expertise in biomedical science, statistics, clinical trial and study design and coordination, software and data engineering, big data and high performance computing, and integrative bioinformatics.

Address: 3650 Spectrum Boulevard, Suite 100, Tampa, FL 33612
Contact at: 813-396-9501


Iovance Biotherapeutics

Iovance Biotherapeutics is focused on the development of novel immunotherapies based on patient-specific T-cells for the treatment of metastatic melanoma and other solid cancers.

Address: 3802 Spectrum Boulevard, Suite 316, Tampa, FL 33612
Contact at: 813-369-5999

Mojia, Inc.

Mojia, Inc. uses soluble one-carbon (C!) feedstocks, which are derived from waste streams or greenhouse gases, as fermentation substrates for biomanufacturing. The resulting carbon-optimized bioprocesses have a negative carbon footprint and ahieve superior product yields and disruptive economics, thus revolutionizing the production of energy, chemicals, materials, feed, food, and pharmaceuticals.

Address: 3802 Spectrum Blvd., Suite 203-6, Tampa, FL 33612

Shriners logo

Shriners Children's Genomics Institute

Led by Founder and Vice President of Research Marc Lalande, Ph.D., and the director of the Shriners Children's Genomics Institute Kamran Shazand, Ph.D., the Institute is working diligently to sequence 5,000 genomes each year, to fulfill our vision of using what we learn about genetics to improve the personalized care we provide and the quality of life for children with conditions treated by our healthcare system.

Address: 3802 Spectrum Blvd., Suite 150, Tampa, FL 33612

USF Small Business Development Center

USF Small Business Development Center

 USF Small Business Development Center (SBDC) delivers, through certified professionals, consulting, training and information to help businesses succeed and create positive impact for the Florida economy, while providing value for its stakeholders.

Address: 3802 Spectrum Blvd., Suite 201, Tampa, FL 33612
Contact at: 813-396-7200

University Diagnostic Institute

University Diagnostic Institute

UDI is a freestanding imaging center located on the campus of the University of South Florida. For the past 20 years, UDI has surpassed the challenge of providing superior technology, service and care to the Tampa Bay Community. UDI is widely recognized throughout the community for its reputation of combining excellence with superior personalized patient care. Our experienced Radiologists and highly trained staff continue to make it their priority to provide exceptional service to our community. Our primary mission is to provide each patient with the highest level of quality and personalized care possible.

Address: 3301 Alumni Drive, Tampa, FL 33612
Contact at: 813-972-3351

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

U.S. Department of Veterans Administration Research Department

U.S. Department of Veterans Administration Research Department focuses on allergy, immunology and infectious disease; cardiovascular; cellular and molecular biology; diabetes; metabolic regulation and disorders; and neurodegenerative disease.

USF Research & Innovation Departments in the park

USF Research logo

USF Research & Innovation

Research and creative activities at the University of South Florida are fundamental to its mission of excellence in teaching, research, and public service. The promotion and support of these activities are the responsibilities of Research & Innovation and its departments, which provide services that enable USF research faculty, staff, and students to be competitive in a dynamic research environment. From assisting with the development of a grant proposal to filing a patent to ensuring the safety of patients in research studies, the Research staff are trained professionals, able to meet the needs of USF researchers.

Address: 3702 Spectrum Boulevard, Suite 165, Tampa, FL 33612
Contact at: 813-974-5570


Technology Transfer Office

Technology Transfer manages USF's intellectual capital through the technology transfer process. Patents & Licensing identifies, protects, markets and licenses, the embodiments of campus research and scholarly activity.

Address: 3802 Spectrum Boulevard, Suite 100, Tampa, FL 33612
Contact at: 813-974-0994


USF Research Foundation

The Research Foundation was formed as a direct-support organization for the university in order to provide broad and flexible financial mechanisms in support of research operations, contracts and grants, and to facilitate the commercialization of university inventions. The Research Foundation is responsible for receiving and administering all royalties related to intellectual property, and acts as a fiduciary entity on behalf of the licensee and university programs. The Research Foundation also acts as the fiduciary entity for private contracts and grants.

Address: 3802 Spectrum Boulevard, Suite 100, Tampa, FL 33612
Contact at: 813-974-1082


USF Connect

USF CONNECT is the business and economic development initiative of the University of South Florida (USF) that provides support for technology start-ups and serves as the point of entry for companies looking to do business with USF.

Address: 3802 Spectrum Blvd, Tampa, FL 33612


Tampa Bay Technology Incubator (TBTI)

The Tampa Bay Technology Incubator (TBTI) is one vehicle through which USF CONNECT grows successful companies. TBTI supports technology research as a catalyst for economic development and advocates the creation and development of facilities for high-technology companies and related support functions.

Address: 3802 Spectrum Blvd, Tampa, FL 33612


Student Innovation Incubator

The Student Innovation Incubator (SII) aims to create, guide, and embrace student entrepreneurs in order to build successful business that are launched and sustained in the Tampa Bay.

Address: 3802 Spectrum Blvd, Tampa, FL 33612

USF centers and institutes at the Research Park

CARRT logo

Center for Assistive, Rehabilitation & Robotics Technologies

The Center for Assistive, Rehabilitation and Robotics Technologies at USF is a multidisciplinary center that integrates research, education and service for the advancement of assistive & rehabilitation robotics technologies. Researchers from various departments & colleges at USF including the College of Engineering, the School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences, the College of the Arts, and the College of Behavioral and Community Sciences collaborate on various projects.

Contact at: 813-974-2280

CUTR logo

Center for Urban Transportation Research

CUTR provides high quality, objective expertise in the form of insightful research, comprehensive training and education, effective technical assistance and in-depth policy analysis, that translates directly into benefits for CUTR’s project sponsors.  CUTR’s faculty and students combine academic knowledge and extensive “real world” experience in developing innovative, implementable solutions for all modes of transportation.  The multidisciplinary research faculty includes experts in engineering, planning, computer science, economics, public policy, public health, and geography.  

Address: 3805 USF Alumni Drive, Tampa, FL 33612

WAMI logo

Center for Wireless and Microwave Information Systems

Research and discovery in the RF/microwave/communications areas is the primary focus of the faculty and students in the WAMI Center. To enable this research, the Center maintains state of the art facilities for microwave/mm-wave characterization, and together with the USF Nanotechnology Research and Education Center (NREC) supports a wide range of micro- and nano-fabrication capabilities. A broad spectrum of measurement instrumentation is also available for research in the communications area. The Center supports a comprehensive graduate curriculum that combines fundamental theory with many opportunities for hands-on, real-world engineering experience.

Contact at: 813-974-5250

CERC logo

Clean Energy Research Center

The University of South Florida's Clean Energy Research Center (CERC) explores and develops environmentally clean energy systems. Key research projects include solar thermal power, photovoltaics, concentrating solar power, energy storage (phase change materials, thermal storage, batteries, and supercapacitors), photocatalytic detoxification/disinfection technologies, new efficient thermodynamic cycles; solar energy conversion and biomass conversion/biofuels,

Contact at: 813-974-8840

FMMI logo

Functional Materials and Manufacturing Institute

FMMI is devoted to interdisciplinary fundamental and manufacturing research and education on materials which have the potential to solve significant problems in energy, sustainability, human health, and national security. FMMI is a collaborative institute with faculty members and researchers from the sciences, engineering, and medicine. Educational activities include an interdisciplinary MS program and a certificate program in materials science and engineering. Outreach activities involving K-12 activities, undergraduate research, and teacher-training programs are also integrated into the fabric of FMMI vision, and are central to the rationale for establishing this institute.

Address: 3802 Spectrum Blvd., Suite 100, Tampa, FL 33612

GHIDR logo

USF Global Health Infectious Disease Research

The USF Center for Global Health and Inter-Disciplinary Research (GHIDR) improves the health and lives of people afflicted by infectious diseases through the development of improved diagnostics, treatments and preventive mechanisms. GHIDR uses a multidisciplinary approach to investigate vector-borne diseases of public health importance including malaria, leishmaniasis, dengue fever, viral encephalopathies, toxoplasmosis, onchocerciasis and filariasis. Our faculty, post-docs, staff and students participate in high profile epidemiological, drug discovery and developmental projects using a translational research approach that places particular emphasis on producing results directly applicable to infectious disease control and elimination and product innovation.

Address: 3720 Spectrum Blvd., Suite 404, Tampa, FL 33612

SPS logo

Smart Grid Power Systems Laboratory

The Smart Grid Power Systems (SPS) lab, including faculty members Lingling Fan and Zhixin Miao, has focus areas of modeling and control of wind and solar energy systems, high power electronics applications in smart grids, microgrids and wide area measurement applications. In renewable energy grid integration area, our research provides analytical tools and power electronic control based solutions to achieve fast and flexible power routing. Our research also tackles potential dynamics which could lead to system blackouts. We have setup supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems for real-world solar PV and battery systems. In wide area measurement applications, our research has the potential to enhance electric system monitoring by real-time dynamic system estimation using state-of-the-art computing hardware and techniques.


morsani college of medicine faculty in research park

Internal Medicine


USF engineering departments in research park