Feel Better Now

101 Stress Relievers

having fun
Take a deep breath.  Believe in yourself.  Avoid relying on chemical aids.  Smile.  Ask a friend for a hug.  Be aware of the decisions that you make.  Keep a calendar.  Write everything down.  Get up 15 min earlier.  Prepare for the morning the night before.  Avoid negative people.  Say something nice to someone.  Fly a kite.  Walk in the rain.  Minimize your caffeine.  Eat healthy snacks.  Be kind to yourself.  Whistle a tune.  Look up at the stars.  Say "hello" to a stranger.  Set priorities in your life. Listen to music.  Count backwards from 100.  Become a better listener.  Laugh often.  Dance a jig.  Stop saying negative things to yourself.  Use time wisely.  Anticipate your needs.  Ask for help.  Recite a personal motto.  Take a walk.  Meditate or pray. Visualize yourself winning.  Look for a silver lining.  Break large tasks into bite-size portions.  Unclutter your life.  Look at old photos.  Pet a friendly dog or cat.  Stop worrying about tomorrow.  Focus on today.  Go for a drive.  Open the windows.  Always have a plan "B".  Slow down.  Set realistic goals.  Schedule play time into every day.  Take a bubble bath.  Curl up in a blanket. Look at problems as challenges.  Look at challenges as adventures.  Squeeze your muscles, then relax.  Stand up and stretch. Go to bed early.  Read a poem.  Don't try to know all the answers.  Volunteer.  Buy yourself a flower.  Ask someone to be your "vent partner."  Strive for excellence NOT perfection.  Go on a picnic.  Throw a paper airplane.  Learn the words to a new song. Avoid negative thinking.  Do everything in moderation.  Look at a work of art.  Say "have a good day" in Pig Latin.  Work at being cheerful and optimistic.  Feed the birds.  Know your limitations and let others know them too.  Draw a doodle.  Exercise every day. Be patient with yourself. Tell a joke.  Make a funny face.  Put safety first.  Bathe in the sun.  Call a friend.  Be responsible for your feelings.  Keep a journal.  Quit trying to fix other people.  Learn to meet your own needs.  Join a club.  Play a child's game. Write a thank you note to a friend.  Recognize the importance of unconditional love.  Leave the house 15 min earlier.  Take a different route to class.  Stretch your limits a little each day.  Pamper yourself.  Watch a movie with popcorn.  Go to a sports game and scream.  Remember you always have options.  Stress is temporary.  Hum a jingle.  Yell in a pillow.  Say "no" more often. Try something new.  Have a cup of tea.  Create a support network of people, places and things.


Take each day at a time...you have the rest of your life to live!