What We Do

The Stronger Than I Knew Project


Moving to a new city. Working through a breakup. Overcoming financial burden.

We all have a story to tell about overcoming personal challenges that others can learn from. Tell us your story of how you were "stronger than you knew" and give hope to other USF students. Make a video (no longer than 3 minutes) and tell us about the challenge you faced, what it was like as you faced it and how you got through it. Submit your video to be considered through the form linked below.

See the trailer video or the collection of videos on YouTube.

Here is what we are looking for:

  • Be real and genuine.
  • Share your story from the heart. Please do not read from a script.
  • Be concise. Your video should not be longer than 3 minutes.
  • Let us see who you are. This is not confidential so if you are not comfortable sharing this information with thousands of people, do not do it.
  • Incorporate the words "Stronger than I Knew" somewhere in the video.

Helpful tips to tell your story:

  • Remember, a story is more than a series of events.
  • Focus on a single, specific challenge.
  • Clearly introduce and describe the experience. What were some of the thoughts or feelings you were experiencing?
  • What first step did you take, no matter how small, to overcome this challenge? Who and what helped support you to overcome this challenge?
  • To keep it engaging, focus on why someone would watch your video: because they are in distress and want to know that they are not alone, that there is hope, and what strategies helped other people overcome their challenge.

Keep in mind:

  • Do not submit a video that includes any activities or behaviors that are illegal or violates the USF Student Code of Conduct.
  • If your challenge involves someone else or a department at USF, do not name any specific names.
  • Are you still struggling to overcome this challenge? These videos are intended to provide messages of hope to others. If you are still in need of help, please contact the Counseling Center at 813-974-2831 for assistance and do not submit a video.
  • Do not post a video if you have any doubts or concerns about how others will react to learning this information about you.

Not all videos submitted to the project may be shown. A video might not be shown if the story is not told clearly or goes longer than 3 minutes, for example.

Here's how to submit your video:

  1. Read the terms and conditions below and be sure that you are comfortable with them.
  2. Choose one specific challenge to focus on and plan how you will tell your story.
  3. Record your video and upload it to YouTube:
    1. YouTube upload page
    2. From your mobile device
  4. Fill out the "Share Your Story" form on this page to submit your video link and be featured on our Tumblr site.

Terms and Conditions

Videos will be screened beforehand to assess appropriateness of content and will be posted to the tumblr blog at the discretion of the USF Counseling Center. The Counseling Center reserves the right to contact appropriate support to assess and respond to risk for students who appear to be in need. Please be aware that participation in this project by submitting or watching a video may result in a range of emotional reactions. Students in distress may seek support from the USF Counseling Center at (813) 974-2831.

Consent Statement: I am aware that my video will be viewable online and participation in this project is at my own risk. I agree that I am solely responsible for this content and any consequences of submitting my video. By submitting my video, I grant permission to the University of South Florida Counseling Center to download, use, copy, edit and display/distribute my video in electronic, DVD or other formats, including the use of portions of it in compilations, for the non-commercial purposes of promoting the "Stronger than I Knew" Project and/or other non-commercial educational uses within the University of South Florida.

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