Member Resources

Forms and Applications

Student Code of Conduct

End of Semester Report

Our End of Semester Report is used to assess and publicize the work of our community over the course of each semester. This form is also designed to help us maintain the most up-to-date contact information for chapter leadership and advisory support.

Recruitment and Intake Forms

This link will take you to BullsConnect which has all of the paperwork necessary for the Intake process. These forms are due before the one-on-one meeting with Fraternity and Sorority Life Advisor, within 10 business days prior to the start of Membership Intake process.

Membership Status Update

These links will take you to BullsConnect with the links to fill out the Status Change forms necessary for members.

Philanthropy & Service

Philanthropy and Service play a major role in fraternities and sororities at USF. As foundational tenets of our organizations, activities related to service and philanthropy provide an opportunity for members to give back to their respective communities, both locally and (inter)nationally.

Social Event Registration

This link will lead you to the rules and guidelines regarding social events for all organizations. Please use this as a guide when developing any social event and if you have any questions.

Hazing Regulation

Medical Amnesty Policy

Incident Reporting Process