Member Resources

Forms and Resources

Policies and Procedures

Intake/New Member Education Forms

These registration forms are required for any intake/new member education (NME) process to occur.

End of Semester Report

Our End of Semester Report is used to assess and publicize the work of our community over the course of each semester. This form is also designed to help us maintain the most up-to-date contact information for chapter leadership and advisory support.

Social Event Registration Form (SERF)

These forms are used to submit a request to access the training, the Social Event Registration Form (SERF), and the Social Event Consultation Form (SECF), which are all required for any social event with alcohol.

Membership Status Changes

This form is required if you would like to update any member of your roster with the FSL staff. Please note, documentation may be required for certain statuses.

Grade Release Information

Academic information may be sent out, but must abide by state, city, and local laws, as well as USF and FSL policies. Thus, grade release forms and confidentiality agreements must be submitted. Grade Release Forms are not required by FSL, so if a chapter would like to see academic info of their members, each member completes the release form.

Hazing Regulation

Medical Amnesty Policy

Incident Reporting Process